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2 0 1 8 • WRAPS • 43 I once heard someone say "a generation is dened by the tools they use." I think it also applies to products—especially in the current age of the vehicle wrap industry. Whether it is a com- mercial or restyling wrap, the products available to the tal- ented installers out there determine the nal outcome of the project presented to their clients. In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the more popular PSA products being offered today by the major manufacturers as well as what we might be able to expect in the future. We'll also discuss industry trends and let you know what you—as a professional installer or print provider (or both!)—should be on the lookout for in the coming years. So let's start with some of the products that are currently generating the most buzz in the industry. WHAT'S THE BUZZ? In speaking with several of the major PSA lm manufacturers—3M, Arlon, Avery and ORAFOL—I wanted to dive into which of their products they felt were the most popular right now and why. First up: Tim Boxeth, business and marketing manager with 3M Commercial Solutions, discussing what's hot for them right now. "Our new reective wrap lm, 780mC-10R, is starting to really create a buzz," Boxeth says. "This lm can conform for full vehicle wraps, and is much less susceptible to bruising, heals easily with heat and it offers a wider angle for reective viewing." Next, Nicole Witt, marketing manager at Arlon, references the popularity of their digital media for the commercial space in speak- ing of their latest advancement in adhesive technology. "Arlon has introduced a new adhesive technology that is chang- ing the wrap game," Witt says. "FLITE Technology is Arlon's lite- contact system that allows graphics to oat over a substrate until rm pressure and heat are applied. This technology is proven to make installation easier for the novice and experienced installer. Arlon's latest product innovations—that feature FLITE Technol- ogy—are SLX Cast Wrap and IllumiNITE Wrap." Both Avery Dennison and ORAFOL note their solid-color wrapping lms are especially popular. Tamara Baumman from Avery Dennison states that "the ColorFlow Series of Supreme Wrapping Film is getting plenty of attention from installers due to the number of different shades present in each color and the lm's multiple nish options, satin and gloss. Supreme Wrapping Film continues to be popular, because its satin nish is prominent in the present and future of car wrapping, while gloss nishes rise in popularity." Lisa Humrich, marketing manager for ORAFOL, says "the lat- est release of Unique Colors—in partnership with celebrity auto- customizer, Will Castro of Unique Rides—in our ORACAL Series 970RA wrapping lms has gotten a ton of attention lately, due to the 'candy color' appearance of the new lms." CHANGES COMING Another important topic I thought you might want to have more insight into was the actual product construction and how that might be changing now and in the coming years, as this could affect how these products are printed and installed. WRAPS FILMS OVERVIEW Wrap Films Today A look at what's hot and what's coming in the world of wrap films Craig Campbell is Business Manager at ORAFOL Americas. He is an industry veteran with deep background in wrap films and applications. BY C R A IG C A M P B E L L TOOLS & EQUIPMENT New reflective wrap film from 3M—780mC-10R—is creating quite a buzz in the wrap world. (Image courtesy of 3M Commercial Solutions) New Unique Colors Series 970RA films from ORACAL—created in part- nership with Will Castro of Unique Rides—are gaining a lot of attention. This wrap features the color, Luscious Lips. (Image courtesy of ORAFOL)

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