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44 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 8 WRAPS FILMS OVERVIEW ORAFOL's Humrich says she denitely sees a major change on the horizon. "There's no doubt the materials you may be using now will look (and feel) different in the years to come—this is primarily being driven overseas by the need to eliminate as many harmful substances as possible from the end product. This trend will make all manufac- turers look for more alternatives to PVC-based products as we try to balance between customer demand and environmental regulation." This is clearly echoed by Arlon's Witt: "We are seeing trends to go towards more green initiatives and lms are not the only materials that are being evaluated for being green. "Taking the initiative to look at the entire process and the com- ponents as a whole—making it more efcient and environmentally friendly—is a trending shift that needs to happen for better sustain- ability. Every year, products are complying with additional regula- tions, and it will be an ongoing reminder to be aware." LOOKING AT TRENDS Understanding what new and current products are available is obvi- ously key to staying ahead of the market but what should also be hyper-critical to your business is what some of the trends are what those trends may be indicative of as the market continues to grow. Witt makes an extremely valuable point when she states "With the consistent growth of the vehicle and sign graphics market, we are seeing more and more shops and brand owners move towards experiential advertising with their products. "Experiential advertising engages the customer to interact with the brand and product in order to reinforce the message behind the product. This is perfect for graphic signage or vehicle wraps because customers will visually engage with the end wrap. And graphic de- signers are getting more and more creative with how the design interacts with the customer, and installers are getting more creative with where and how the designs are installed." 3M's Boxeth adds another perspective on those noteworthy trends. "When we look at the data, as much as 74 percent of small business owners are still not using vehicle wraps," he says. "This is actually good for our industry—we have experienced signicant growth together over the last 10 years or so, and the data shows that we still have many potential new customers out there." TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 3M's 1080 series wrap films is very popular, and is available in many colors and finishes. (Image courtesy of 3M Commercial Solutions and Super Street Network) Close up shot of a wrap, using ORAFOL's Unique Colors Series 970RA film, shows metal flake details. (Image courtesy of ORAFOL) Two wraps—one using Avery Dennison Conform Chrome Matte Silver, the other highlighting stripes using Conform Chrome Rose Gold. (Image courtesy of Avery Dennison) An example of Arlon's new IllumiNITE Wrap reflective film— wrapped by High Tech Installations. (Image courtesy of Arlon)

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