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2 0 1 8 • WRAPS • 45 I couldn't agree more on both points and this is where you, the print shop or installer, must bridge the gap and start thinking of your company as a "visual communications" business as opposed to simply a business that provides vehicle wraps. By showing your client how to bring all of their marketing/advertising messages together, you pro- vide true value to their business. LOOKING AHEAD Lastly, I wanted to get perspective on what we might see several years down the road so I asked several of the contributors here to look into their crystal balls and let us know what we might see in the future. Here's what Avery Dennison's Baumann had to say: "Put on your sci- hat! The industry could see lms that can change from one col- or to the next—at the push of a button or by atmospheric changes. LED-lit commercial wraps, featuring a TV-like motion rate, are the wave of the future." From a process perspective, Cordell Hardy, PhD, global technical director with 3M, tells us "Lace up your shoes! Many changes are coming which will fundamentally alter the customers you serve, as well as the way that you work. New, digital systems to facilitate your workows will help you be more nimble and efcient in executing your projects. Printing will happen on a broader range of substrates, and application expertise for added value to your customers will be more important than ever." CONCLUSION So there you have it… changes. Lots and lots of changes! I know there are other ne wrapping lms on the market today—from Gen- eral Formulations to HEXIS in France and KPMF in the UK for example—but there simply isn't room enough to do them justice in this one little article. Still, it really is a great time to be a part of an industry that truly continues to evolve and grow and that absolutely starts where the rubber meets the road—with you. The print provider and installation community are crucial to this development so please continue to push the envelope and make sure you stay in touch with your manufacturers to keep all the good ideas coming to keep the pipeline full for years to come! Cheers! TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Wrappers use 3M 1080 films in a variety of interesting vehicle wrap applications. (Image courtesy of 3M Commercial Solutions and Super Street Network) This wrap features the color called Tangerine Dreams— Unique Colors Series 970RA films. (Image courtesy of ORAFOL) Incognito Wraps did this wrap using Avery Dennison Conform Chrome Rose Gold film. (Image courtesy of Avery Dennison) iWrap Toronto did this pickup truck wrap using Arlon SLX Cast wrap film. (Image courtesy of Arlon)

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