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60 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 8 COMPANY / PROGRAM DURATION COST INFORMATION WEB Born-to-Wrap / Basics & Beyond (Roland Academy) 2 Days $649 In these comprehensive two-day workshops, taught by the Digital EFX Pros, attendees learn everything they need to know about the vehicle wrap business -- from printing and installation to the tools, techniques and tricks of the trade. training/workshops Born to Wrap / Business & Design (Roland Academy) 1 Day $249 These workshops, taught by the Digital EFX Wraps pros, focus on the sales and design of vehicle wraps. Tips on marketing your vehicle wrap company, working with different customer types, effective wrap design and pricing jobs. training/workshops Fellers Certified Wraps Program n/a n/a Offers an extensive Fellers Certified wraps training referral network, but does not offer its own wraps training. Geek Wraps University— Air Wrangler Training 3 Days $1,500 per participant Advanced training from 3M authorized instructors. Demos and hands-on training. Fleet graphics, boat wraps, smooth walls, textured walls and floor graphics. Now includes 5 station Knifeless Training training-programs Geek Wraps University— 5-Day Air Wrangler Training 5 Days $2,500 per participant Includes 3-days of advanced Installation training, plus an additional 2 full training days of hands-on experience with emphasis on large graphic layout wraps and graphic line-up using Geek Wraps Air-Wrangler techniques. training-programs Guerrilla Wraps / Next Level 2-1/2 Days Call for pricing options Intense comprehensive wraps training. Covers sales, wraps design, design software, application techniques, 500+ page wraps manual, wrap brand identity, and more. Taught by Dale Dunnihoo Jr. and son. Hexis Wrap Training 1-3 Days call Offers entry level, intermediate and advanced wrap installation training, as well as refresher courses, trouble shooting, PPF install training and more. training-courses.html J3 Industries 3 Days $1,400 per person 3M Authorized trainers offering comprehensive hands-on training for fleet graphics, boat wraps, smooth walls, textured walls and floor graphics. All tools and materials provided. training-2/ Lowen Certified / 3M Preferred Installer's Prep. Training 2-5 Days $1,299 (prep) $2,199 (combo) $800 (knifeless) $899 (testing) Teaches wrap skills needed to earn Lowen Certified/3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation. (Lowen Certification testing available) ORAFOL Professional Wrapping Academy 2 Days $600-$800 (price varies by location) Covers media selection, vehicle prep, tools, hands-on application, business and pricing insights. Classes held at various ORAFOL distributor locations. americas/en/professional- wrapping-academy ORAFOL Advanced Wrap Academy / Vehicle Wrap Certification 2 Days $975 (includes tools/ materials) Combined with the ORAFOL Advanced Wrapping Academy, the Vehicle Wrap Certification Course is a comprehensive course designed to educate users about ORAFOL wrap films, film selection and application methods for difficult aspects of wrapping. PDAA 1 Day $1,000 $800 (members) Offers testing program to become a PDAA Master Certified installer. The Wrap Institute n/a Subscription- based membership Avery Dennison and 3M Certified. Hundreds of detailed instructional videos covering all aspects of wrapping for all levels of installers. Raise quality, lower install times, increase profits. Featuring Justin Pate. United Application Standards Group (UASG) 2 Days $750 (application fee) Hands-on wrap evaluation and written testing for UASG Certification WRAPS TRAINING RESOURCES RESOURCES

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