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Describe your current state of mind? Do you know what, it feels good man, I just want everything now. It was because 2016 was a great year, 2017 was an even better year am trying to make this year mine. Am just trying to set me up to do bigger and better things. Every year that comes am trying to do new moves, put out new styles of music, and when I say that, I mean a new style of my own music. If you hear my music, it's never the same thing or the same sound. You're a spearhead of grime culture at the moment, with artists like Wiley being recognised for their dedication and work within the scene by being awarded an MBE, how do you feel that the culture is changing? I mean like with Wiley being awarded an MBE is like, whoa! That's crazy, that's very crazy, and you know what, he deserves it as well. That just gives people like me, and other people who are like me on the scene another goal. It's like, hold on, Wiley got an MBE so maybe one day we can too. There are no boundaries in what you can achieve in music at the moment. If you said like about five years ago you're going to be doing this and that and that, I would be like, ok, but I wouldn't really believe it. The opportunities that we are getting from the music that we love is actually crazy when you think about it. Like you said, the Wiley MBE thing was huge. People like Giggs achieving mad things, Skepta too. We are doing bigger and better shows and things are changing. So you are set to play the NASS festival in Bristol this July, is this the first time you ever played there? Nah, I was there last year as well and that was good, that was sick man as I was on the Kurupt FM stage which was sick, then the day after me and Ghetts did the main stage as well. So just getting back to the music, what projects are you working on that your excited about right now? There's a lot man, am working on a vocal project album, I don't really like the word 'album' but am working on that. Deejay shows too and singles too, I want to put out lots of singles but different ones with differ- ent artists, not just the cliche tunes people might expect, I want to do proper songs with singers and stuff. So yeah as well as that I just want to have more deejay shows this year as I love, love it. As well as that am always in the studio, like all the time. So you have teamed up with Addidas and Beats by Dre to produce music for their campaigns and adverts, how did this come about? That's just getting an email like, and me saying 'would you be up for just making something?' With Anthony Joshua and Beats by Dre, I knew one of the girls that was doing the campaign and she wanted some tunes to fit that specific advert, and I just happened to have that the perfect tune already there and it worked well with the Addidas One and JD Sports, I gave them a load of tunes so they picked what they wanted. In terms of brands am an Ambassador for Relentless drinks too, am doing a lot of work with them as well as doing the deejay side and producing so that's another part of my work and also the radio, that's mad as well. So yeah just keeping busy. At the start of this year, you shut down the Eskimo Dance with Ghetts, tell us a bit more about your chemistry with Ghetts. Everyone says that, that the chemistry between me and Ghetts is mad. People see that but that's just us, it's just how we are. Me and him can't be in the studio and it's a dead studio session. If he does something sick on the mic, you'll see me like 'yes' and clapping, and if I do the same thing or drop a sick tune, he'll do the same thing back and he'll come and give me a handshake or whatever, do you know what I mean? It's just natural that's why people are watching and thinking that chemistry is mad, it's so natural and organic. Even when we are just in the studio together, it's just real and not forced. It's great that people see that and love it. What ideas have changed your life in general? Doing an EP with Ghetts changed my life because that introduced me to Relentless too and 'One Take' was one of the biggest tunes, even right now when you drop it people still go mad. Going with the right people, the right team behind me, making moves like that is very important. The agents I have, their wicked man, Echo Location, the people that are just there for you. Am like more friends with the people that I am around and they actu- ally care about you and it's not like 'later' because nothing is happening. Pretty much the end of 2015 until now have been the best years of my music ca- reer even though I have been doing music for ages. The last few years have been sick. I feel the decisions I've made have been okay, they have been good and I've been making the right ones. If I feel like I want to do something or make something I will just go and do it instead of thinking 'nah, that's not achievable'. That's the attitude that I have developed over the last few years. So if you had the chance to change or introduce a law in the UK to help the mil- lennial generation, what would it be and why? Well, I would change Brexit for one, and take it back to how it was and make the pound strong again. I would also put down University fees actually, as education is key even though I didn't go but I would still do that. I think that's important, and they're trying to make it where only the rich people can be there. 2018 / ISSUE 109 37 HIP HOP & RNB " IF I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO DO SOMETHING OR MAKE SOMETHING I WILL JUST GO AND DO IT INSTEAD OF THINKING 'NAH, THAT'S NOT ACHIEVABLE' " Having just signed a new management and distribution deal, Rude Kid and Grime in general, is in a good place. We spoke to Rude Kid about his upcoming NASS Festival appearance, his new projects and why he thinks university fees should be scrapped. follow @RudeKidMusic Rosh Ram | Guestlist

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