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2 0 1 8 J U LY P R I N T W E A R || 49 SETTING IT UP Once the press is in the door, there are other common mistakes shops tend to make, largely centered around the eagerness to get up and running as soon as possible. "They're so excited that they finally made the decision to purchase an automatic, now they're thinking 'Can I get the dollars to make it profitable?'" says Michael Jirasek, Anatol Equipment. Multiple parties encourage shops to block out time in their normal production schedule on the delivery day dedi- cated solely to getting the press ready. Even if a shop has installed a press before, Dan Goldberg, The M&R Companies, implores decorators to make sure they obtain the technical equipment drawings from the manufacturer and com- pare them to their building specifications, so they set up the press properly the first time. This helps determine what kind of electrical requirements the press demands and the building's current electrical capacities. "I've seen it happen many times, where customers make buying decisions based on the assumption that the press will work in their building and it can't," Goldberg explains. "Then they are faced with bringing in more power, having equipment modified, or even worse, finding a new building." Regarding the best spot to position the press on the production floor, parties contend that there is no universal "mistake" shops make in this case since every business' needs are different. Where the pitfall truly lies, they agree, is not envisioning the press as part of the entire business model. "They don't spend enough time on the front end looking at workflow efficiency," states Wells. By ana- lyzing how the press fits into a decorator's chain of action from the order-taking process in the front office to pulling finished gar- ments off the dryer belt, will help them align where the press sits in the production chain. Generally, finding the balance of proximity between machines and having enough room to work will be the biggest consideration shops Save $3,000-$5,000 on select in-stock Anatol Vector presses * 847-367-9760 What makes the Vector the ultimate in versatility? • Lowest air consumption in the industry - over 90% fewer pneumatic components than competing presses. • Intuitive touchscreen controls give you maximum control over all job parameters for fast setups and precise printing. • Available in configurations from 2 to 18 colors and in four different print areas from 15"x16" to 20"x28". *Offer valid on select in-stock 7 and 8 color models while supplies last. Certain conditions apply. Call for details. Call us today and save on a new Vector!

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