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2 0 1 8 J U LY P R I N T W E A R || 61 transfer graphic can be created for an ar- ray of fusible options where glitter, metal- lic foil, metallic sparkle, silver tone, neon fluorescents, and glow-in-the dark finishes can become an integral part of the transfer's enhanced appearance and desirability. What's more, with new technological ad- vances heat transfer inks can be paired with specialty papers and films to achieve specific surface finishes. For example, a variety of special finishes can be added such as gloss, matte, smooth, luster, or shine effects that can provide subtle enhancements to the vi- sual and wearable qualities of the substrate. ART PREPARATION REQUIREMENTS With special effect transfers, the purpose of adding said effects is to boost the art ap- pearance and aid the visual qualities of the design. The combination of artwork and specialty inks can create a product that will increase interest and the purchase potential of the transfer once applied to the garment, but only if it is done properly. If the chosen art image is one that has fine line detail and high definition, the artist needs to consider this when deciding where the special effect segments of the design will be incorporated in the finished transfer print. Also, it is important that the designer has a sound understanding of how the trans- fer ink image, once applied to the garment, will show all the special effect strengths in alignment with the image graphic. The successful end result would be a finished graphic design applied to a garment where both art and effect come together to create the best possible heat transfer image. With the continued expansion of exciting special effects to the available range of heat transfer opportunities, there is little doubt that the quality and style of these finished special effects will continue to expand both your capabilities and business opportuni- ties. Be mindful of the art and placement of these finishes and be ready to create pieces that truly stand out. Metallic finishes are just one option for high-impact designs. Since 1891 PREMIUM THREAD EMBROIDERY Learn more at 8 8 8-717-4 4 6 6 • w w RhinoCOLOR Heat Transfer Paper in a Color Crush of 20. Metallic, Neon, Royal Blue, Silver and other stunners. crush on y ellow

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