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Ken Milosevich, Plant Manager, Roadmaster M y career in manufacturing and the RV aftermarket industry started out on the gridiron. I was lucky enough to get a football scholarship at Port- land State University. This'll date me, but I played with (NCAA legend and NFL quarterback) Neal Lomax and Clint Didier, who went on to win two Super Bowl rings. I took three terms of statistics as an elective, and that's what got me my first job out of college. The first company I worked for, Reynolds Metals, was developing its statistical process control program and those extra classes in stats stood out. I also worked for Portland, Ore., manufacturing icon Leatherman, the developer of the first multi-tool, where I honed my skills at "Lean" manufacturing, one of the skill sets I brought to Roadmaster. With all of our manufacturing processes here at Roadmaster, we're looking at how to improve the flow of raw materials to finished product and eliminate waste. The goal is to produce more product with the same number of employees, at the same or better level of quality. Roadmaster products are known for reliability. Other than being one of Roadmaster's biggest marketing advantages, it's also a smart way to do business. The key to success in the RV aftermarket industry (or in any business endeavor, as far as that goes), is to keep the customer in mind with just about everything you do, especially from the perspective of functionality and reliability. You want it to work. You want them to not have any problems, especially if they're out in the middle of nowhere, which is where they're headed with a lot of our products. Graham Dudik, Customer Service Supervisor, Roadmaster G raham Dudik started his career in the RV industry in June 2007, shortly after graduating high school. He worked full-time for Roadmaster each summer in the installation department while obtaining his criminal justice degree at Portland State University. During this time, his training fueled a lifelong passion for vehi- cles. He is a completely self-taught mechanic — from the most basic of diagnoses to major engine replacement procedures. When he graduated from college, Dudik decided to stay on at Roadmaster instead of pursuing a career in law enforcement. "I enjoyed working with my hands and the different challenges that presented themselves here each day," he says. It was his product aptitude on the InvisiBrake supplemental braking system that made him an invaluable asset to installers. He began attending trade shows to help diagnose installation issues on these braking systems. When Roadmaster's longtime customer service manager, Nancy Wright, decided to retire in 2015, Dudik was the natural choice to replace her. He spent more than six months cross-training for the position before she left. "When I walk in the door, I never know what I'm going to be dealing with," he says. "I could be handed an opportunity to (turn) an unhappy customer into a happy customer; I could be handed a technical problem that a customer has that nobody's ever seen before." He has been spearheading the development and release of Roadmaster's new travel trailer suspension product line, Comfort Ride. His immersion in all aspects of the business help him to provide the best customer service. When asked about future plans, Dudik jokingly says that he already has an unofficial job title: "Director of MSH," he says, with a smile. "Making Stuff Happen." – As told to RV PRO J U LY S P E C I A L S E C T I O N ✪ 110 • RV PRO • July 2018 RV PRO: Origins

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