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Kenny Mauerman, Engineering Manager, Progress Mfg. I found a job at Lindon Hitch (now Progress Mfg. Inc.) before I started college. At college, I studied engineering, which was a perfect fit for London Hitch. I was a straight B student and my job helped the expense of education. I wanted to be responsible for my own life and future. I also really wanted a car. When I first started in the industry my goal was just to get through college. I didn't consider it a career at first, but it didn't take long before I realized it was a company I wanted to stay at. I loved working with Jed Anderson and Rich Elliott. I moved from welder, to purchasing, to production foreman, all while in school. Progress didn't have an engineering department at the time, but eventually, I was doing the role of a manufacturing engineer even though there wasn't an official position at the time. As the company grew and I graduated, a formal engineering position was created. After I finished school at Utah Valley University, I was trying to get into Brigham Young University. If I didn't get into BYU I was going to move and attend school at Weber State, but I'd no longer be working for Progress. I got accepted to BYU and stayed at Progress. After that, everything fell into place. Now there is an entire department of engineers that work with me to design and create the best towing products in the industry. We've gone from very low-tech processes to high-tech processes. I also helped revolutionize the Equal-i-zer hitch with a solution called "Pocketed Link Plates." Kim Dewsnup, Sales Account Manager, Progress Mfg. I was living the life as an RVer while working at Wing Enterprises. While there, I had the opportunity to be involved with the development of the Quick Draw ball mount. This was an accessory that flowed into the RV industry. I was able to see the product from ground zero to completion. As I got more involved in the RV industry, I began working at an RV distributor and have been in the industry ever since. I wanted to build good relationships with owners, technicians, and parts and service managers. A turning point for me was when I saw there was longevity in the RV industry. I saw the solidness and growth pattern in the industry. I realized I could work there until retirement, and I got to work with kind people. I also am proud of the relationships I've been able to build with our Equal-i-zer hitch dealerships. I enjoy selling a product I believe in, to people who trust me and believe in what I'm selling. My sales territory is Canada, so people can find me traveling all over, teaching dealerships about our Fastway Trailer Products and the Equal-i-zer Hitch. I used it on my own toy hauler. Rob Stratton, Sales Account Manager, Progress Mfg. I grew up camping and RVing with my parents and spent several years working retail sporting goods in Salt Lake City. In my desire to move back to Utah Valley, I wanted to be part of a company that really cared about its customer and products. My goal was to be a great salesperson for my peers and ownership. In 2004, I found a great fit and home with Equal-i-zer Hitch and have worked here ever since. I love it! Back then, our sales force was much smaller, and you just had to jump in and get it done. It was baptism by fire. I remember soon after the company made me a full-fledged territory manager I had an upcoming distributor show. With the show coming soon, some of my first dealer calls were inviting them to come by and visit our booth. That was the start of some career-long relationships with some of the best people I know and still enjoy to this day. Early on, I took great pride and satisfaction in being part of a company that was growing so rapidly, and I knew I wanted to continue with it for many years to come. It's awesome to have made a career here that I'm proud of and feel appreciated. J U LY S P E C I A L S E C T I O N ✪ 112 • RV PRO • July 2018 RV PRO: Origins

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