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Dave Rheinheimer, Product Development, DUO Form Plastics I had just finished college in 1983 and jobs weren't plentiful, so I followed a colleague to an opportu- nity at C.O. Tools. The company was a supplier to the RV Industry at the time and that's how I got my first introduction to the business. I was hired to run the plant, so my main goal in the beginning was to streamline the work and improve our efficiency overall. When I was at C.O. Tools, we contracted to make polycarbonate bug shields; however, the company that hired us ended up pulling out. Most of the product development had already been completed, though, so we decided to launch our own aftermarket company and sell that product. Our overall sales went from $3 million a year to $12 million a year quickly. At that time I was designing products and the only person responsible for the RV busi- ness. Being close to the industry on this project helped me learn of my love for the RV Industry, and this was my turning point. Shortly after that time I started my own company in the RV industry, Majestic Formed Plastics. One of my best accomplishments came many years ago when I was given the suggestion to take the plastic bubbles used in truck caps and put them into the ceiling of an RV. I tried this idea and it worked great. In 1998 when I started my company Majestic Formed Plastics, we were the first company to provide skylights designed specifically for RVs. This is an accomplishment I'm very proud of because over the years we have remained the premier supplier of skylights to the RV business, maintaining over 70 per- cent of the market in 2017. Shelly Ditmer, RV Sales Manager, DUO Form Plastics D uring the summer of 1994 I was home from school and started as an intern at Design Components. At the time the company was looking for help in its accounting department and offered tuition reimbursement to students. This turned out to be such a good situation for me that I actually transferred from attending Purdue over to IUSB and stayed for the long haul in the RV Industry. My main goal when I first started was to get some experience in the field while finishing my degree. Although my goal quickly evolved into a new effort to really understand the RV Industry and thrive there. Coming to DUO Form Plastics was actually a turning point in my career. It was during that time that I switched from a career in accounting over to customer ser- vice and sales work. I have loved the sales side and really enjoy the time I get with my customers! One of my major accomplishments has been driving DUO to record sales numbers. Over my time at the company our sales have increased by more than 30 percent. However, one accomplishment I'm very proud of has been helping DUO to reach its newest product line, the Designer Series. We're now able to provide seemingly infinite color options to our shower walls through our DUOPrint technology. This will be a game changer in the industry, and it's something I have helped develop over several years now. RV PRO: Origins July 2018 • RV PRO • 125

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