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128 • RV PRO • July 2018 RV PRO: Origins J U LY S P E C I A L S E C T I O N ✪ W hen mom and dad started Little Dealer Little Prices, they utilized their seven children for free labor. Mom and dad had us picking up litter, pulling weeds, cleaning trailers and other lot work. In time, I became the weekend receptionist and actually got paid 50 cents per hour. One day I resigned to have weekends with friends. Dad's response was that I would still work, only I would not receive the 50 cents per hour, so I withdrew my resignation. Dad took me to my first RV show and it was a blast. I don't remember much about the RVs – just the adventure. Dad would wake up early so we could play the game of breaking into the displays before anyone else arrived. Growing up, my sisters would ask for dolls and girly things. Being a mischievous tomboy, I asked for a fishing pole, pocket knife or one of those joke hand-shakers to jolt the person you shake hands with. Therefore, I loved climbing the big chain link security fences and sneaking into the RVs with my dad. Mom and dad opened a second dealership in Phoenix, giving me the opportunity to work in sales, which I loved. Fortunately, I was too young and naive to know what potential customers must have thought. However, people are kind and most actually allowed a high school girl to educate them on RVs. There were only a few of us at the new location, all young and we had fun. All of the talk about "finding your passion" is creating undo pressure on those just beginning their careers. I believe passion is something we create more than find. Find work that is ful- filling with some enjoyment and make this work your passion. Set goals to help yourself succeed at the highest possible level. I'm so fortunate to have been taught about goals at a young age. Goals, well executed, are the rocket fuel of success. In the beginning, I thought my time in the family business was temporary. The family business was an opportunity to gain the type of education not being taught at school. Business was fascinating, the art of the deal, the competition, the victories and failures. Mom and dad would challenge my skills and I often thought "how do they expect me to do this?" but they were usually right. I grew to love this business and somewhere along the line realized that Little Dealer Little Prices would be my passion. Through the years, I've made many mistakes, learned many lessons and that cycle continues. One element in our company mission statement is "continual improvement" (not perfec- tion). When mistakes are made, learn the lesson, move on and commit to future improvement. A highlight in recent years is my industry involvement on a national level. Jim Shields, a 20 Group friend, asked me to participate with RVDA. In the beginning, I was only helping to be nice, but soon realized that I was the beneficiary. It's a treat and an education to collaborate with super smart, successful, people who are also nice and fun to be with. When you think about it, who won't want to be in this fun RV business? We enable Americans seeking the good life to explore nature and bond with loved ones. The majority of people in this industry are ethical, talented and seek win-win relationships. I feel blessed to be in this industry. I'm grateful to my parents for starting the company, for the family I work with and for friendships made. Debbie Brunoforte, Owner, Little Dealer Little Prices

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