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The best piece of advice I received was when we had hired a consultant to work with our company early on. I was frustrated because I wasn't being taught anything to help me further my knowledge of the industry or my career. His words to me are the words I live by to this day: "If you want to know something, go and figure it out yourself. Don't waste your time on others waiting for them to help you out." So, I did just that and haven't looked back since. One of my most recent proud moments came during my role as president of the RV Aftermarket Association, where I was privileged to lead the association into a merger with RVIA. To me, this was a giant step forward for our industry to start working together as one. Pam Heighway, Creative Products Group I was a real estate appraiser when the housing market declined. I had to find a career and was hired as a customer service rep. at BRD supply in 2002. While there, I did data entry, invoicing and cycle counting. I also helped in the aftermarket department. I remember one time, I got a call from someone (Cal) who was backordered on some supplies and he was telling me that it was going to shut down his line. He said I needed to fix the problem now. I was able to help him out and I knew if I could work with folks like Cal that everything was going to be okay. I spent five years at BRD Supply and then joined RV Surplus. I took on a sales role for them, managed their website and set up their eBay and Amazon stores. I worked at RV Surplus for nine years when I got a call from one of the former owners at BRD, who had become vice president of Creative Products Group. I joined CPG in 2016 and handle sales, eCommerce and purchasing. My first goal was to simply make it at BRD. Everything was so fast-paced. In the RV industry you don't walk, you run. I found that the more I learned the better I was able to help the customer, so that became my goal. My first show was at the FROG rally in Elkhart. It was great being able to interact with the end user. I have been a camper for years, so it was fun to swap stories with them. Brian Green, Creative Products Group I worked two summers for Fastec Industrial corporation while in college. Back in '92, I had some friends who were already working in the RV industry. I was offered an opportunity to work into the sales department and decided to make it a career. My goal was to reach 100K a month in sales in one calendar year. Fastec was eventually sold to another company. Afterwards I worked for Wesco Distribution and attended my first Louisville which gave me a new perspective on the industry. Currently, I have been given the opportunity to work with Global Link and help set its foundation on the aftermarket side of the company. David Gingerich, Creative Products Group I was working at a smaller company as a carpet cleaner and a job opportunity had opened at a company that was just starting out called Global Link Distribution. It was 2010 at this point so you were lucky to be working at all. I wanted to work harder than everyone else and make sure I was the employee they needed to keep. We started with two warehouse employees but have grown into one of the top suppliers of fasteners and hardware to RV manufacturers. It has been a great experience for me and a lot of fun to see how much it has grown over the years. The first show I attended was RVDA in Vegas. I didn't know what to expect since I had never been to Vegas. Vegas did not disappoint but it was a lot cleaner than I was expecting. The show was great, and the people were very friendly, but I think It makes it easier when you have a great product that people are interested in learning more about. Though I love the work and the industry my proudest accomplishment of life is my family. RV PRO: Origins July 2018 • RV PRO • 137

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