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152 • RV PRO • July 2018 rv-pro.com "Pleasureland's average buyer last year was 38 years old. There's a change of people coming to shows, a change in product offerings, and a change in our marketing and way we do busi- ness," he says. "It's really been the greatest change we've seen coming out of the Great Recession." Aside from his concerted efforts to grow his business, Pearson has served in numerous capacities with the RVDA, including the board of directors. In recognition of those efforts, in 2011 Pearson was honored with the James B. Summers Award, RVDA's highest award. Pearson says being involved is the only way a person can effect change. "It's by your involvement you're able to help negotiate and work your way through change instead of sitting on the sideline with your arms crossed yelling at the referee," he says. His advice for dealers starting out: "The first thing I would tell them is get involved and go to the RVDA Convention for the knowledge you'll gain from it. There's the education factor and networking with people. There is such a wealth of information and the seminars are one thing, but it's the dialog one-on-one in the hallways or wherever you may be that you really gain insight, learn and form so many relationships." While he's nowhere near ready for retirement, Pearson's keeping the business in the family with two of his children involved. "I've got a lot of time in me left. I don't see a future retire- ment coming for solidly another 10 to 15 years. The best is still yet to come," he says. "We continue to be in a growth mode and have every intention of staying independent and enjoying the next few years in this business as it changes and grows again." Roger Faulkner Roger Faulkner was 21 years old when he started skirting mobile homes as something to fill his time in the summers. He then branched out into the RV side of things after a few different ventures, eventually settling into a career with General Coach Canada. Since 1999, he has been the president of the company. From the very start, Faulkner says he decided if he was going to be in the industry, he was going to be in the industry, which meant volunteering his time and talents. "You can't sit on the sidelines; you have to be involved. That's just the way life is," Faulkner says. "I'm pretty passionate about the industry. I'm pretty passionate about anything I'd be involved in in this life." Faulkner served three different terms as president of the Canadian RV Association (CRVA), varying from one to seven years. He also serves on the CRVA executive committee and on the board of directors. He is on the board of directors for the Canadian Camping and RV Council, he was a chairman for the CSA Z241 Park model Standards Committee, and chairman of the Leisure Lifestyle Marketing Group, which eventually became Go RVing Canada. Asked why it's important for industry people to be involved in industry associations, Faulkner says the answer is simple: "The only way an industry can move forward is by the people in the industry moving it forward." On the business side of things, Faulkner has turned his career into a family business, with his son in the role of a vice pres- ident with the company and his daughter working as a buyer for the business. Faulkner says they will run the company one day – but that day isn't anytime soon. "Retirement, I don't know how to spell the word. So, I guess I'll be doing this until I drop," he jokes. "I leave my house at 5:30 a.m. and return at 6 p.m. There are unbelievable oppor- tunities today. It excites me. It's an adrenaline rush everyday." Part of what causes the excitement for Faulkner is the unprec- edented growth his company and the industry as a whole are currently experiencing. "The growth we've seen in the last three years on both sides of the (U.S.-Canada) border is unprecedented," he says. "There are opportunities for young people in the industry. I tell my kids everyday I wish I had the opportunities they're going to have going forward," he adds. "The opportunities for them are far greater than in my generation, for sure. There's no question it's an industry of growth. So, hang on; strap yourself in, because I think we're all in for a pretty good ride." Faulkner says he is overwhelmed by the recognition from the Hall of Fame and is proud to be on the wall with his mentor, Wade Thompson, the co-founder of Thor Industries. "I worked for him for a length of time and respected him. He was certainly worthy of respect," he says. "To be recognized as a relatively small manufacturer in Canada, it has a lot of meaning for me personally. I'm a little taken aback by it. I'm definitely grateful and I appreciate it big time. It's something to be on that wall with Wade Thompson after having worked for him." Rebecca Lenington Rebecca (Becky) Lenington has been described as being syn- onymous with the Pennsylvania RV industry. Through her work with the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA), Lenington grew the association's educational offerings and the PRVCA Hershey RV Show. With a father affiliated with the manufactured housing industry and then the RV industry, B U S I N E S S

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