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160 • RV PRO • July 2018 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S Editor's note: This column is the fourth in a four- part series covering best practices related to employee recruiting, retention and appropriate staffing levels. Refer back to the April, May and June issues, for parts 1, 2 and 3, respectively, of this series. T his month's column takes a personal tra- jectory. It's about compensation. It can't be much more personal. Also, it's personal because it speaks about one of my children (more about that later). Some of the best perspectives can be devel- oped when you look at a problem from a dif- ferent point of view. So, we're going to look at the compensation as if we lived in New York City. As usual, I intend to point out some thoughts considered to be axiomatic. Here it is in a nut- shell: Proper pay plans respond to the market and pay for performance – not presence. Don't Pay Folks to Just "Show Up." At the start, you should ask yourself what the purpose of compensation really is. Hint: The best pay plans are to compensate and motivate. Ignore that thought at your own peril. Having pay plans that only compensate lend to an entitlement culture. In other words, you are paying folks to simply show up. When pay plans properly motivate, it helps the culture to shift from one of entitlement to a performance culture. Pay should be for per- formance-based results to the greatest extent Workers should be paid for the results of their efforts – not just for showing up. By Chuck Marzahn Chuck Marzahn is a partner with Marzahn & King Consulting, a well-known consulting and training firm specializing in the RV industry based in Virginia Beach, Va. He can be reached for comment and questions at Chuck@ MarzahnAndKing.com. Employee Recruiting, Retention and Staffing, Part 4 Savvy employers realize that the market sets the level of employee compensation – and those employers compensate to motivate.

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