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rv-pro.com July 2018 • RV PRO • 167 Tailor Your Offer Because not all top performers have the same motivations, employers need to con- sult with each of them to better understand specific needs, according to Eanes. "I suggest designing what I call an indi- vidual development plan (IDP) with each person," she says. "Determine the next log- ical level of knowledge and expertise and what can you do to help them achieve it." An IDP might include a planned pathway to advancement, or the acquisi- tion of new skills. One individual might take on responsibility for larger projects. A second might share their knowledge by training other people. A third might cross- train in areas outside of their core compe- tency. Eanes suggests employers think of these as "expertise promotions." These work environment modifications – combined with a robust pay-for-per- formance plan – should go a long way toward keeping an employer's best people from jumping ship, says Avdoian, with the Midwest Business Institute. Employers should monitor how well they are doing by asking their staff for feedback. He adds that employers should observe how employees perform: Are they acting in more motivated ways and paying closer attention to things that are really important? Creating a program to retain a com- pany's top people takes time and effort. The payoff, though, can be considerable – and letting things slide is unacceptable, Avdoian says. "Businesses which fail to retain their best people will be stuck with a majority of their employees being slackers and overtaxing the foundational employees whom they rely on for productivity," he says. "And that will lead to a decline in employee morale, which will in turn impact productivity and devastate profitability." "High performers do not like to be micro-managed. They want the freedom to do their job in a creative way, along with the requisite responsibility and authority." — Christina Eanes, workforce management consultant and author DEVELOPED BY THE POWER PROS IN ELKHART. Simple Mistake Insurance. Introducing the WF-5110R power inverter by WFCO. Our newest inverter overcomes the simple and common problem of improper hook up between the inverter and batteries that can happen during installation or service. e WF-5110R has been equipped with reverse polarity protection to safeguard the batteries, inverter and other coach electronics in the event that the batteries are connected to the inverter backwards. W ith over a decade of inverter manufacturing, WFCO knows what is important. Reverse polarity protection is just one example of this understanding... We are proud to offer this in addition to our many other customer friendly features. WFCO WF-5110R INVERTER WITH REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION • Improved Conversion Efficiency • Auto Shut Down when Batteries are Low • LCD Message Screen & Status Indicators, w/Remote Control • Built-In Circuit Protection On the DC Side • Pure Sine Wave Output Customer-Friendly WF-5110R Features: Visit WFCOelectronics.com/5110R for more information. WFCO_272_Half_Pg_Horiz_RVP_Ad_01.indd 1 4/26/18 11:10 AM

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