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THE GUESTLIST NETWORK Issue 46 / 2012 11 7 Leave it on the shelf : Do It Yourself! CLOTHING Lets face it, we all want something we can���t have, whether it���s clothes, appliances or electronics. The trick to finally owning that new look without being frisked in it, is to reach into the imagination instead of empty pockets, to browse through blogs not online stores and to think DIY not ATM! The ���do it yourself��� attitude is trending and with prices climbing, if you want something on a tight budget, do it yourself. Keep in mind DIY does take time but for every hour spent crafting up something new, you���re actually saving money as opposed to spending three hours of hard earned cash in a panic filled four minute shopping spree. Who has ��45 to spend on a graphic-T these days? It may seem a little far fetched to think that an individual that works thirty-five hours a week could spend four hours sewing rhinestones onto their denim jacket to achieve the name brand Sometimes the best things in life are free but often the rest of it is daylight robbery and the only way to get those coveted items without putting a major dent in your bank account ending in hard time. ThE Party There���s nothing like a well planned party. There���s also nothing like an awesome get-together that hardly costs you a thing. Parties have always been DIY but it���s about time the old tradition was innovated. Here are a few helpful tips for memorable parties that won���t leave you or your credit card hungover. Themes are back in and so is simplicity. Make a list of the drinks you think would be appropriate for your theme. It could be a classy wine sipping dinner party or a more laid back hang out with a few beers. Once your list is complete post each drink on the invite wall and ask your friends to ���like��� whichever one they can bring. It���s a fun way to save money and also create a more friendly atmosphere amongst your friends who may not have met each other yet. Home Decor The key to surviving in London seems to be a mixture of compromise and practicality. After finding a place to live is out of the way, there���s only one thing left to do, furnish it. It���s only an illusion that spending hundreds of pounds to decorate your place is a necessity. From affordable organisation to trendy, recycled furniture to handmade light fixtures, the possibilities are endless and so are the savings. So if you want something done on a tight budget do it yourself! There are not only hundreds of helpful blogs out there chock-full of home decor ideas, there are also thousands of home improvement tips as well. Whether you���re a handyman/woman or not, the advice ranges from beginner to advanced. If you���re tech-savvy try a site like If technology isn���t your thing but getting your hands dirty is, check out For the guy WAES COURSES look but there are short cuts. Take graphic tees for example. These often cotton, factory sewn, machine printed ���masterpieces��� are quite simplistic when really inspected. Websites such as have endless ideas and tips for the fashionista who has time to spend. All that���s needed to turn drab into fab are a few items you can find around the house. The results will not only cost a lot less, they���ll have a unique flair only you can give. or gal who���d rather pick up a hammer than the yellow pages, has tips for just about every home improvement job. There���s a DIY site out there for everyone, the green thumb, the computer savvy and last but not least the laid back. For those of you out there who like to take it easy, head over to Pinterest allows you to pinpoint exactly what DIY project you want to complete and how. 300 course startin s Janua g ry 2013 r���s inste estm ialist W ec sp ult ad e g colle From DJ-skills to make-up courses... From DJ skills to jewellery-making, Westminster Adult Education Service offers over 1,000 part-time and full-time courses in London. With over 80 venues across the capital, including four premier sites with music studios and creative arts workshops, WAES is one of the largest adult colleges of its type in the UK. New for 2013 is our ���Entrepreneurship course���, a programme tailored to young and enthusiastic adults looking for self-employment- whether it be working as a market trader or working from home. Classroom-taught modules such as finance and social media in business form half of the course, whilst the other half is selftaught with the use of online tools. Step up in 2013 and become your own boss with our Entrepreneurship course. Be inspired today and book your next learning experience with WAES! Enrol now for 2013 courses at or call our hotline on 020 7641 8116 Westminster Adult Education Service offers full and part-time study in qualification and general interest courses across a huge range of subjects. Be inspired... 020 7297 7297 80 venue s across Londo n

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