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12 GUESTLIST WHAT THE F**K IS EGGNOG ?! Eggnog ur mates): (serves 4-6 of yo hole milk 1140ml/2 pints w gs 6 free-range eg sugar 50g/2oz caster lit 1 vanilla pod, sp oneless cherries 20 fresh st andy 200ml/7fl oz br for dusting Cocoa powder We expose the truth behind this dairy based conspiracy... Am I the only person asking this question? What, why and who is eggnog? I���ve Googled the shit out of it, bizarre beverage. Here are the tasty details���. ���Eggnog is a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar, and beaten eggs (which gives the frothy texture). Brandy, rum, whisky, bourbon, Kahl��a, vodka, or a combination of liquors are often added, then garnished with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon or nutmeg. I���ve created a cheeky recipe: 1. Place milk, eggs, sugar & vanilla pod in medium pan. Heat gently, without boiling, until mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. 2. The eggnog can be chilled at this stage or served hot. 3. To serve, scatter cherries in the bottom of each serving glass. Divide brandy between glasses and pour eggnog over. Dust with cocoa powder ��� BOOM! Drink. Go forth and spread this eggnog knowledge and drink it ���til you puke. Or, don���t spunk the cash on this foul festive fix, put the money to good use- give it to charity. Issue 46 / 2012 VOLUNTEERING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS A few days out of 365 is a tiny amount of time to give, and helping others will bring a hell of a lot more meaning and reward to your festive season than stuffing your face and drinking like a fish. You���ll not regret it in the New Year. Pack Christmas Hampers Trussell Trust foodbanks provide emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. You can volunteer to help foodbanks to pack Christmas hampers to go out to local families in crisis this Christmas or help with deliveries to families. Get in touch with your local foodbank and ask about volunteering at The Trussell Trust. Help a Child Operation Christmas Child is a campaign run by Samaritans��� Purse. Each year, thousands of people donate gift shoeboxes that are distributed to children all over the world. The OCC campaign needs volunteers at around 100 premises and warehouses across the UK to drive vans (HGV not required), fundraise, check shoeboxes, pack cartons and load lorries, from the second week in November until mid December. Apply to volunteer online at Operation Christmas Child. Comfort the Homeless If you are homeless or living in hostel accommodation, Christmas can be a lonely and depressing time. Crisis at Christmas provide centres across London between 23 and 30 December, offering vital companionship, hot meals and warmth, and a wide range of essential services to nearly 3,000 guests. Volunteers are asked to sign up to a minimum of two shifts on two separate days but are welcome to apply for more. Visit the Crisis website or telephone: 0300 636 1000. TOP 5 THINGS YULE NEVER KNEW ABOUT CHRISTMAS DID YOU KNOW? 1. Santa has a real postcode. Staff at Canada Post in Montreal began answering floods of letters addressed to Santa Claus. They didn���t want the children to go unanswered, they decided to set up an official Santa Claus letter-response program. Of course, Santa���s postcode is H0H 0H0! 2. Czechs have the best Christmas. In the Czech Republic they have nine courses for Christmas dinner. Another custom is that the number of guests at the table must be even, as an odd number brings bad luck (the perfect excuse to rid yourself of that���odd��� family member). The Czechs know how its done. 3. Xmas is not sacrilegious. The abbreviation Xmas, was not, as you might expect, invented by lazy card givers, nor was it devised to save on print. In fact, the X derives from the Greek abbreviation for the letter ���Chi���, which means Christ. Lazy people of the world rejoice! 4. Pig���s head and mustard, anyone? The traditional English Xmas (well, it���s perfectly accurate) lunch used to consist of pig���s head and mustard, and our beloved Christmas pudding was originally a soup made with raisins and wine. I wonder whether they had pig���s head and mustard sandwiches for leftovers...

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