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TECHNOLOGY 17 6 Issue 46 / 2012 GET YOUR GAME ON! If you want to upgrade to Microsoft���s tile-centric new look, you can do so now. ���...simply the best release of Windows ever.��� HAWKEN As the year comes to an end it tends to be a pretty quiet for game releases especially when compared to October and most of November. Despite this, there are usually a couple of interesting titles you can find. At first glance, Hawken could easily be mistaken for a big sci-fi blockbuster backed by a wealthy publisher and large development team. In reality, it was only made by nine people with on-going development for around 2 years and the results are pretty astonishing. Another FPS, but Hawken manages to differentiate significantly from the rest of the market. It���s not just about fast paced combat; there is strategy in the form of fuel management, holding capture points or taking cover behind buildings. Hawken is definitely shaping up to be one of the big indie titles of 2012 and 2013. Since the launch of its debut trailer and winning a host of awards at E3 there is huge amount of buzz surrounding the title. FAR CRY 3 Check out Far Cry 3 on PC, PS3 and XBOX360 on 30th November. On 30th November we will see the return of the Far Cry series with Far Cry 3. In this sandbox FPS we return to the tropical island setting and follow the story of protagonist Jason Brody in his mission to find his missing girlfriend. In doing so he comes across a range of unsavoury characters as he makes his way across the islands liberating camps from local bandits and returning them to the local population. Once again, how you tackle each of these camps is up to you. The name WINDOWS 8 of the game is efficiency as the bandits are quick to call large numbers of reinforcements. In addition to the combat there is a hunting system where certain beasts must be killed and skinned in order to enhance your capacity to carry weapons and money. Far Cry 3 also brings the addition of an RPG like skill tree in the form of tattoos which bring benefits, like enhanced swimming or additional melee takedowns. Windows 8 has been leaking from Microsoft���s Redmond labs in various iterations since September 2010. Now the RTM (Release to Manufacturers) version has been released to manufacturers to start shoving it into their laptops and tablets. Microsoft���s head of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, said: ���Windows 8 is simply the best release of Windows ever.��� He hailed it as a major milestone in the evolution of computing, and we���re treated to four different styles: Windows 8, Windows Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise (businesses) and Windows RT (tablets). If your PC is running XP, Vista or Windows 7, you can download Windows 8 Pro for just ��25. In case you���ve just got your laptop (after 2nd June), you can get it slightly cheaper. Before the switch you can grab a 90 day free trial tosee if it suits you. Most importantly, you need to download Windows 8 Upgrade assistant first. For XP and Vista users, you���ll need to re-install your files and programs after making the switch.

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