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FILM 19 7 Issue 46 / 2012 14th DEC SMASHED COMING SOON Scott Pilgrim vs. the World star Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives a bruisingly intense performance as Kate, a primary school teacher stuck in an abusive relationship. Not with amiable husband Charlie (Aaron Paul) but with alcohol ��� and it���s beginning to show. From vomiting in front her class to losing control of her woozy, boozy bladder whilst shopping, director James Ponsoldt has received due praise for his honest depiction of the destructive effects alcohol can have. Kate is relatively quick to acknowledge the problem at hand, making her character easy to root for, and the copious setbacks all the more devastating. After all, it���s hard enough being a recovering alcoholic without your boyfriend and social circle happily indulging in a tipple right in front of you. Fortunately, there���s help in the form of her school���s vice principal Mr. Davies (Park and Recreation���s Nick Offerman), and Jenny (The Help���s Octavia Spencer), the earthy sponsor he introduces Kate to. Their support is important, not least in temporarily distracting our heroine from her disintegrating marriage to Charlie. At only 85 minutes, Smashed is a brisk, intoxicating little drama that deserves attention, if only for Winstead���s revelatory performance. Just don���t bet on wanting a night out after it. THE IMPOSSIBLE JANUARY 1ST QUARTET JANUARY 1ST DJANGO UNCHAINED JANUARY 18TH Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star in this true story of one families��� survival and separation during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and its subsequent tsunami. Dustin Hoffman���s directorial debut see���s Downtown Abbey���s resident scenestealer Maggie Smith as a precocious ex-wife causing trouble at a nursing home for retired opera singers. Jamie Foxx stars in Quentin Tarantino���s presumably violent tale of a slaveturned-bounty hunter on a quest to rescue his wife from a Mississippi plantation owner.

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