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FASHION 24 Issue 46 / 2012 SOSOLO DESIGNER OF WIN ��50 @ SOSOLO.CO.UK Based in East London, this online fashion boutique focuses on delivering the very best in vintage fashion. Supporting new designers and continuing to be on the pulse of the East London vibe, they bring us ���vintage with a modern twist���. We spoke to Sinnie Chong, creative director of the company get the latest. Tell us a bit of background about the company? we try to channel that inspiration through our styling of products. We started Sosolo two years ago in 2010 and we kind of just fell into the fashion industry. I come from a Graphic Design background but always had a love for fashion and always loved to raid the vintage shops down Brick Lane and Broadway Market. But I also liked to shop the main high street shops and could never find a place where I could easily shop the two genres in one place (this was before ASOS Marketplace came about!) so I guess that was the main motivation of opening our online boutique. I wanted to offer a store where women could shop both new and vintage clothing all in one place, as well as having young, emerging designers��� collections where they offer something a little different and unique. You support new talent and designers, is there any we should we looking out for right now? What is your main goal? Our main goal is to inspire women to be individuals. What we love about the East London dwellers is their confidence and their ���I���ll wear whatever I want��� attitude and we try to channel that East LDN vibe into Sosolo. Fashion should be fun and women should be comfortable in their own style. You focus a lot on vintage fashion, there are so many vintage shops around now- what makes you different and stand out from the competition? Our motto is ���vintage with a modern twist��� and even though we focus a lot on vintage clothing, what we try to show is how to mix and match vintage with new clothing and accessories from current fashion trends, with snippets of East LDN flavour. We���re constantly inspired by street style in East London and We���re a great supporter of new designers and always love stumbling upon new talent ��� we love Michelle Kirana Oh who we have stocked since the birth of Sosolo (http://www.michelle-oh. com/). Her jewellery is intricate but still wearable, and we love the interesting textures she creates. At Sosolo, we love to mix and match and we love that Michelle���s jewellery allows the opportunity to be stacked in such a way that could be worn in various combinations. What is your hot pick this winter? Anything khaki! Khaki army jacket, khaki oversized jumper and even khaki socks. Our perfect winter accessory? A neon beanie ��� it���s a great cover up for those bad hair days! Plus, who says winter has to be dull and gloomy? We have paired together to give you the opportunity to bag yourself a ��50 voucher! All you have to do is like their facebook page at: and tell us what one of their hot picks are this winter. Send your answer to: Check out their beauties at: NOCLOUDS With the recessio it is refreshing to happen for himse Clouds, while at U What inspired you to get into clothing? student loan so it took a long time to finally print. At the time I was a big fan of street wear but a couple brands I was into, kind of fizzled out. So I decided to create clothing that I liked based on my interests. I started the line while at University which was challenging to say the least. So do you work on your own? That���s where NoClouds came from? Working on your own, and having nobody to bounce ideas off must have been a challenge. Where do you gain the inspiration to create and develop new ideas? Yeah that���s right���. Well the slogan is ���Don���t cloud your judgement��� you see one thing and assume that it���s going to go a particular way, which is not always the case. It���s about going against the norms, just being as expressive as possible in my own unique way. Ok, now you���re at University and you have started to create NoClouds. There must have been a few obstacles in the way? Finding enough time to get everything done and also the money to fund the line. I think that the money was the main obstacle, but that���s the same with a lot of people. I funded it mainly through working and saving little chunks of my At the moment I don���t have a team but for now I prefer it that way, its hard work but it���s solely my vision. Everything��� I listen to a lot of music depending on my mood! My favourite artist at the moment is Kendrick Lamar. A couple other people I have been listening to are the Weeknd, Kanye and a bit different Bill Evans (jazz) helps me to concentrate. Two people that are big inspirations of mine are Virgil Abloah and Pharrell Williams, very creative people. Is this how you got your inspiration for the Space Series collection? I wanted to create a story, Each t-shirt has a

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