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FASHION 25 7 Issue 46 / 2012 F THE MONTH KARDASHIAN COLLECTION From tv to international fashion designers, in a week? The Kardashian sisters have decided to build up the empire more with expanding their new clothing line internationally, in London last week. They stayed at the Dorchester hotel when fans bombarded them security had to rush them to the car for their meet and greet at Shepherds Bush Westfield. From their black dresses to their leopard tops on and the weather still damping the morale in London���s youth, o see a young entrepreneur still putting in effort and making it self. NoClouds a young clothing line founded by Bola a.k.a Agent University, is set to release its Space Series collection very soon. meaning. I combined influences from lots of different things and tried to put all of that into the collection. There is the space patch, space confines, Astrobot and Space vortex. Some of the designs are self-explanatory but I don���t want to give too much away. When is the Space Series released? Ok I would probably say��� this is actually a tough question. Ones that I own I guess! My Maison Margiela trainers which I���m wearing now, simple black classic , can���t really go wrong with them. Alexander Wang oversized t-shirt it���s just really comfortable, relaxed, black can���t really go wrong with that, and my Paul Smith blazer, it���s a malt colour. I���m a big fan of Paul Smiths Tailoring. Yesterday hahaha���. Nah I���d say the latest will be December. What city is really doing it for you in the fashion scene? And what about NoClouds in general, how do you see it maturing? That���s a good question, I���d probably say London. There���s so many diverse styles, you get the hipsters and then there���s also the more formal look. I look at Mr Porter as well; he���s quite high end with a mix of formal wear and some street wear which I think is representative of London style. I want to develop the brand and create some tailored pieces. I would love to create some premium luxury blazers but put my own unique style into the blazers nothing too flashy I���m quite a simplistic person. That will come in due time, for now I���m focused on the space series collection. What are your 3 favourite fashion items that you could not live without? Find out more about NoClouds at: we have to admit we all want the new Kardashian collection at Dorothy Perkins. Their was a bit if a bump when giving out wristbands, apparently they were given out 8 hours before they where support to be given out which caused a lot of chaos and unhappy fans but it didn't stop the massive crowd waiting for the three sisters for hours.

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