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INDIE / ROCK 47 7 Issue 46 / 2012 IEW RV TE IN WE ARE SCIENTISTS We headed down to Aloft London Excel to catch up with the American indie rock band before playing their gig. We chatted about their involvement on the search for the next hottest unsigned band a project the guys have been busy working on. JIMMY | OK Can you please introduce yourselves maybe a star sign you know, we just want to know a little bit more about you? Keith: My name is Keith and I���m Crom sign, Chris: My name is Chris and I am Victorian. Andy: I���m just Andy. What has been your role with ���Stay and Play Aloft���, apart from drinking a lot of beers?! Keith: Well, we like to say that we are the masterminds of this entire project - don���t ask anybody else but from top to bottom we���ve run this thing. Are you sure that there���s not a couple of other people knocking around that might want to claim the title of mastermind? Keith: There always are. But they���re liars? Chris: They���re doing what anybody would do - they���re opportunists and frauds, yes, but their good. Capitalists pigs? Chris: Capitalists pigs yes, but they���re good people . Keith: They have children and habits! - to feed. Would you say they���ve bought in the right team the A team - the A squad the best people for this job possible? into the heart of mighty London. Chris: And frankly, they were wide eyed initially, but you can tell that they���re young champions. They���ve been spending the last 12 hours carving up a new tune there���s brass on it, can���t believe it. Tell us the idea behind the project? Chris: I think that���s problem, actually! the And what about bunking with Andy - is he as nice as they say or is this massively misleading? I mean - is he a nice fellow?? Chris: He���s a great guy. Look at him - how patiently he���s been sitting through all this nonsense. the gig. Andy: Oh, laughs, of course. Laughs and jokes? Andy: Laughs and jives Chris: We have a chat and we jive for a while. Andy: Poems, you could say it���s a poetry club or more like a comedy club. Chris: Mostly lyrics, not fancy poetry. Andy: It���s more of an after school vibe we just get in there and have ���We like to say that we are the masterminds of Chris: We will record a brand this entire project - don���t ask anybody else but from top to bottom we���ve run this thing.��� Chris: You���re going to find out tonight when you see our ���pick��� play their hot new tune MAN! Sky Castle come from Antwerp and it���s their first time outside of Antwerp, I���m making that a fact right now! So it���s worth them winning the competition? They weren���t just from down the road in the Excel Center Hotel it���s like a holiday for them. but a learning holiday. Chris: They���d never even been to Brussels and suddenly they���re thrust right new track in a specially created hotel room studio with the unsigned band that is chosen. It is all about finding and pushing new talent. So you cancelled a couple of shows this year, it must get really tough. Is the throat better now? Keith: I tell you what, about 15 minutes ago my throat was killing me. This is the clue... this is how to fix it (pointing at the beer bottle) plenty of beers? Keith: mmm hmmm Yes, the absolute nonsense I���m talking, sorry about that Andy anything you want to add? Andy: No, no, its looking great. Keith: That���s your position as a nice man? Andy: I���m a nice man. So the gig should be very exciting tonight do you have any rituals apart from beer that help you warm up for the gig, anything that get���s you excited? Chris: There���s not much time for other rituals, we just like to have a few laughs before fun. Chris: Beers, poetry, rhyming poetry only! Okay I���m going to have a little bit of fun with you now,a quick quiz to see who���s the brightest person? The prize will not be money or an actual prize as such, but rather the knowledge that you���re really good! Who played Jim Morrison in the 1991 film The Doors? Andy: Kilmer. (immediately) Val Bang! He did. Name the song from these lyrics... ���I get up in the evening and I got nothing to say - I come home in the morning I go to bed feeling the same way I���m nothing but tired - Man, I���m just tired and bored with myself - hey there baby, I could use just a little help��� Chris: That is matthew, chapter 2 verse 12, from the holy bible, king james edition. Thats what you were quoting there I believe. OK i���ll award half a point for that one...I was really looking for Bruce Springsteen: Dancing In The Dark. Which of these is not a James Brown song i���m going to give you three answers, one of them is NOT a james brown song - that means that the other two are. A) For goodness sake look at those cakesB) Too much funk so get the hell out of the kitchenC) Let the man come in and do the popcorn Keith: Well he sure loved popping cornChris: yes, he sure loved popping cornKeith: ...and he didn���t like funk very much, i���m going to say B. Correct you are! ���Too much funk get the hell out of the kitchen���. You all answered a question right each, so we guess you are all as bright as each other! For more information check out:

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