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Correspondence ������ as someone who struggles to find the perfect gift, i���ve gotten fantastic ideas for even the toughest recipients on this year���s list.�� meredith talbot, via e-mail Morse, Please Thanks for your article ���Decoding Morse��� in your November issue [page 154]. My mother used to tell me when we would see him on TV how she went to high school with him. I had just recently been wondering why I hadn���t seen him in any shows lately! Good to know he���s still acting! J. Macsata, via e-mail Meat and Greet I have just finished reading your Food issue [November 2012], and I was more than excited to see an article on the new location of Karl���s Sausage Kitchen [���Bavarian Dream,��� page 84]. I have driven by the old location on Route 1 in Saugus and often wanted to stop in. The new location has made it easier to visit. Having $ share your thoughts on this issue of northshore nshore been in the new store, I have experienced the expertise and commitment to authenticity that I have always heard about. I enjoyed the article very much and I am looking forward to another trip to Karl���s Sausage Kitchen and trying some other products that I have read about.�� Mitch Abbatessa, via e-mail Present Tense Thank you for the expanded and well-edited selection in last issue���s Holiday Gift Guide [December 2012]! As someone who struggles to find the perfect gift, I���ve gotten fantastic ideas for even the toughest recipients on this year���s list.�� Meredith Talbot, Andover, via e-mail I love that you included experiential gifts in this year���s gift guide! Giving friends and family ���stuff ��� year after year can get repetitive and predictable. These are the kinds of gifts that they���ll remember for a long time! Thanks for helping me think outside the box (no pun intended!). N.D., via e-mail Helping House Great piece on Lazarus House Ministries in your December issue [���Changing Lives,��� page 76]. The timing of the piece is certainly appropriate for the holidays, but let���s not forget that there are people in our area who are always in need���not just at this time of year. Thanks for shining the spotlight on these special people, who commit their own lives to bettering others���. J.J., via e-mail Feast Season I���m a huge foodie and I love to cook and entertain, so I really enjoyed reading the recipe features in your Holiday issue. They struck a nostalgic note for me and made me want to break out my baking pans. It would have been nice, though, to see recipes from other religious celebrations and holidays, rather than just recipes for those who celebrate Christmas. Our world is becoming ever more diverse, and we should be careful to include all of our friends and neighbors when it comes to celebrating traditions. S. Chaudhuri, Burlington Editor���s response: Thanks for pointing out our oversight. We���ll keep your comment in mind as we plan our next Holiday issue (and all issues!), and we encourage all of our readers to share their favorite traditions with us���whatever their origins may be! Corrections In our December issue, we omitted Giblees from our ���Where to Buy It��� page (196). Giblees is located at 85 Danvers St., Rte. 114, in Danvers. Phone: 978-777-3230. Web: In that same issue, on page 157 (���The Holiday Classics���), we erroneously printed a measurement of 1 1/4 cups flour in a recipe for anise cookies from Mirabella���s Bakery in Tewksbury. The measurement should have been 3 1/4 cups. 12 January/February 2013 12_REV_NSJanDec13_Letters.indd 12 11/27/12 5:38 PM

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