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Page 0 of 67 xpress audio INNOVATIONS IN AUDIO • AUDIO ELECTRONICS • THE BEST IN DIY AUDIO Hollow-State Electronics Hollow-State Capacitor Microphones Sound Control CATT-Acoustic Standards Review RAVENNA Audio Network Transparency Speakers Bass Shakers on Steroids You Can DIY! The Hillman Tube Amplifier EL519 Triode-Connected Push-Pull Amplifier By Wim de Haan and Kees Heuvelman Futterman OTL 1954 Reborn By Fabio Camorani with Marco Pagogna Fresh from the Bench Tang Band D52-1 Two-Way Speaker Kit Assembling Our Own Speakers Software Review iZotope RX 3 Advanced In the Kingdom of Audio Magic Glass Audio Special A U D I O X P R E S S | M A Y 2 0 1 4 MAY 2014

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