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INNOVATIONS IN AUDIO • AUDIO ELECTRONICS • THE BEST IN DIY AUDIO It's About the Sound Binaural Sound from Two Loudspeakers (Part 2) By Ron Tipton Hollow-State Electronics Some Background on Noise in Amplifiers By Richard Honeycutt Bench Test Showdown High-Performance Audio from Smartphones? By Mike Klasco & Steve Tatarunis Sound Control Smartphone Apps for Sound Measurement By Richard Honeycutt You Can DIY! Build the PhaseBuster! Manipulating the Phase Between Stereo Channels By James B. Wood Audio Electronics Passive Offenders By Helmuth Lemme You Can DIY! The SRX Plus Hybrid Amp A Tube Amplifier with Solid-State Support for Electrostatic Headphones By James Lin A U D I O X P R E S S | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5 NOVEMBER 2015

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