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One type of order that some might deal with is the high-volume order. And while the true definition of what constitutes high volume isn't set in stone, most shops rec- ognize that this order means producing a mass amount of a products in a specific window of time. It means more machines (or larger ones) running constantly, jigs and other fixtures, increased labor, and a keen eye for perfection, all of which can be daunting to take on. To help shops take on high-volume orders, we enlisted the help of some industry names who have some advice. Whether you're running a laser, sublima- tion equipment, sandcarving, UV printing, or some combination of the various dec- orating technologies, knowing how to handle these orders when they come in makes the process smoother. WHAT DOES HIGH VOLUME MEAN? In general, there is no magic number that an order must hit to be classified as high volume. It's safe to assume that an order for five plaques doesn't fall under this category, but when you start hitting higher numbers such as 50 plaques, 75 lanyards, or even 100 pens, you've got yourself a high-volume order. "What is considered high volume dif- fers from person to person," notes Josh Stephens, Trotec. He points out that it's not just about the number — there are a variety of factors that make the determi- nation. "High volume could be products that run for hours, days, or even weeks or years. Typically, high volume is a product that requires an initial preparation time to set up," he adds. turn up the volume HOW TO PREPARE FOR A HIGH-VOLUME ORDER By Cassie Green M any awards retailers will agree that one of the aspects of running this type of business is that you never know what the next order might bring. As a shop that deals with everything from creating participation trophies for the local little league to customized bracelets for Christmas gifts, awards businesses see all types of projects on a regular basis and thus must be prepared for anything. 8 • A&E AUGUST 2018 Don't be intimidated by high- volume orders — with the right equipment and training, your business will boom. IMAGE COURTESY ROLAND DGA

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