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August '18

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A&E AUGUST 2018 • 15 facturer, larger quantities can be purchased directly from them. It's not uncommon to obtain the 2 1/2-inch ornaments for con- siderably less than $1.00 each. Since the ornaments are spheres, they can be a challenge when it comes to securing them in the laser — whether or not a rotary device is used. Without a rotary, the ornaments can be placed in chipboard (cereal) box cutouts, foam can coolers, on modeling clay, or in any number of other jigs that keep them in place in the laser. Engraving on these stationary orna- ments is limited in size based on the focal length of the laser's lens. For a 2-inch focal length lens, the size limitation is about 1 1/4 inches in diameter for a 2.625-inch diameter glass ball ornament. Engraving can be done almost anywhere on the orna- ment but will be limited in size. Long lines of text are difficult to do. With a rotary device, the size limitation is lifted in one axis. While the right to left size is still bound by the 1 1/4-inch limit, the engraving can wrap all the way around the ornament in a band along the equator. Ornaments on the rotary device need to either be weighted or secured in a special- ized jig. Filling the ornament with sand or rice is a common way to add weight. Most jigs are designed to keep the ornament in line along the equator for long lines of text. OVERCOMING ISSUES Making and selling these personalized glass ball ornaments is not without pitfalls. There are many issues to be aware of; most can be easily overcome. The glass keeps cracking. Glass ball ornaments are usually made of thin glass. High heat will crack them. Fortunately, the paint is also thin, so it doesn't take Laser Engraving ® 800-345-0062 WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? QUALITY? INNOVATION? THE ORIGINAL? THE BEST? Revolutionary SinglePrint ™ Heat Transfer Paper… for Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Ceramic & Metal 8 8 8.717.4 4 6 6 i n f o @ r h i n o t e c h i n c . c o m w w w. r h i n o t e c h i n c . c o m POWER OF THE PLAQUE

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