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August '18

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A&E AUGUST 2018 • 21 Sales & Marketing tive and appealing to the buyers in the mar- ketplace. Our packing must be presented so it looks its best but presented honestly so that the recipient is never disappointed; we want the client to come back. Repeat business is the only way that most small businesses can grow and survive. It is so important that we as the owners of small businesses establish a relationship with our clients based on trust and dependability. If we ever lose the confidence and trust of our clients, it might be impossible to get it back. As business owners, we must do a good job of presenting our products, whether its face-to-face or a silent sell from a pic- ture, our website, or on a catalog page. The effort of selling is just telling our story while demonstrating the positives of our offering versus the competition. This doesn't mean we price our products according to the competition, but we must be aware of the competition and what they offer. Our offering must be better in our eyes but also in the eyes of the buyer. Remember: unless we are truly con- vinced that our products are the best, it is difficult to convince our clients … You must be convinced to be convincing. This state- ment is certainly correct the vast majority of the time and especially when we are sincerely telling the story about our offer to the prospect. I speak of selling as telling a story because when we tell a story, it is much easier to understand and remember; when we tell a story, it is less like selling and much easier to relate with others. It is hard to sell something we don't believe in, but if we are actually convinced that we have the best, we will then transfer that feeling to the buyer. If you are excited For Advertising Inquiries, Call: 800-669-0424

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