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August '18

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A&E AUGUST 2018 • 25 Another example is stacked Chrom- aLuxe metal. By placing a smaller piece of ChromaLuxe metal on top of another piece with a spacer block between them, you have created a higher value product with only a small amount of additional material and decorating cost. The result is a possible increased selling price of $10 to $30. Selling bundles of complementary substrates like mugs with coasters maxi- mizes the dollar amount of your orders and leads to increased profits. It's like asking, "Do you want fries with that burger?" When it comes to which substrates you sell, get out of your comfort zone. Show your clients what products you can pro- duce. Don't let your opinions get in the way of making money. Just because you don't like a product doesn't mean your clients won't buy it. ARTWORK Producing products with full-color, photo-quality graphics on them is where sublimation really shines. For consumer products, make it personal. Think about the ways that your artwork will make an impact on your customers' emotions. Turn products into a photo greeting card that includes names, dates, and personal mes- sages. For business products, matching colors is a must. Use a sublimated color chart to match colors like a pro. Jesse James, the infamous outlaw, was once asked by a reporter why he robbed banks. In complete disbelief at the ques- tion, he answered, "Because that's where the money's at!" When it comes to your overall strategy, you might want to consider following the money too. Ladies are the ones spending the money on personalized and short-run products. They have a thirst for great art, monograms, and patterns on almost everything they own. Check out our selection of patterns and monograms at, tap into the clip art libraries offered by Digital Art Solutions, or for CorelDRAW users, consider investing in Smart Designer's monogram add-on feature. The available artwork makes it easy and fast to create awesome designs. SALES/MARKETING Adding point-of-purchase retail pack- aging such as SubliStock's sublimation mug box with window both showcases the product and increases its perceived value to the customer. These are blank boxes that you can sublimate complementary artwork onto to show off your mug. You can per- sonalize the packaging for a museum or gift store. With just a small amount of addi- Price ranges for many of Condé's products compiled as a quick fix pricing spreadsheet, which is just a start to setting up a pricing formula. ALL IMAGES COURTESY DAVID GROSS

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