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26 • A&E AUGUST 2018 tional cost, you can usually add an extra $5 to your selling price. Consider an upsell strategy by adding a QR code to your artwork and linking it to a video or web page. This is a great idea for weddings! If possible, sublimate your reorder info somewhere on the product to let the consumer of the product know how to buy more products. Otherwise, they may never know where it came from. Perhaps the most powerful substrate strategy is virtual inventory. Most retail stores are forced to buy lots of inventory hoping that something sells. Then, at the end of the season, they have to run clearance sales to liquidate at cost or at a loss. With sublimation, you only need to decorate what you have sales for and you pass along this concept to your clients. As a final point about value, embrace the philosophy of Lagniappe. Lagniappe is a common expression in Louisiana and simply means an unexpected extra gift. So, with every product you produce or service you sell, think about how you can deliver more than is expected, whether it's a new product sample or delivering an order early. You can increase the value of a piece of ChromaLuxe metal by giving it a simple curve or an S curve and turning it into a self- standing product.

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