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28 • A&E AUGUST 2018 opportunities. Online is, of course, quite popular for selling your products. To get noticed, it helps to have a unique focus toward a target audi- ence such as competitive cheerleading, regional art, and themes and events. Attractive artwork is the key. Selling wholesale Marketing and selling products to retailers is my favorite way of doing busi- ness. You're effectively hiring your own sales force that you share the profits with. Examples include selling your products through fundraisers and retail stores. The amount you share depends on the expecta- tions of the client. Fundraisers might be 20 percent of the selling price while a gift shop will most likely be around 50 percent (100 percent markup). Consider that a beautiful two- sided Unisub metal Christmas ornament, with a material cost of under $3, could sell to a consumer at a fun- draiser for $15. Setting the cost to the organization at $12, this would yield a profit of $3 for them and around $9 for you. This is an excellent win-win strategy for an organization because they'll provide a personalized keepsake instead of boring wrapping paper or candy, and, as a bonus, there shouldn't be any leftover, damaged, or missing inventory at the close of the fundraiser. For a retail store such as a boutique shop, consider selling them high-value monogramed cuff bracelets. Your cost is about $1.50 with a selling price to the store of $10 and a retail price of $20. From my own experience, I can say that these cuff bracelets often sell to the consumer for more. I recommend building a sample kit that includes an ordering sheet detailing the options for patterns, monograms, and colors. The store can email you with the daily orders for quick fulfillment by you. Note: Not all products have the necessary gross profits to fit into a whole- sale world. Selling to businesses Selling to businesses is an excellent source of ongoing orders. There are a lot of business-related opportunities, and often businesses recognize value and will pay for it. Jimmy Lamb and I did a recent webinar (posted to CondéTV) on selling to bed and breakfast locations. It was a lot of fun and the opportunities are excellent. By far, my favorite business product is the name badge. Sublimation decorating produces the best-looking and highest The female demographic in particular spends money on personalized and short-run products featuring great art, monograms, and patterns. SubliStock's sublimation mug box is a blank box that you can sublimate complementary artwork onto to show off your mug. When possible, sublimate reorder information on your products.

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