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A&E AUGUST 2018 • 47 More WOW for Less What's Free? Set-Ups Personalizations * Art Services * Virtuals * Copy Changes ON BLANK ORDERS OVER $400 * free shipping *Exceptions apply І 800-544-1131 Spend a few minutes in the car, qui- etly focused at your desk, or in a waiting room on your cell phone (with headphones of course) listening to these three TED Talks (that range from three minutes and 24 seconds to six minutes long) that can help give you a bit more insight on ways to approach putting branding into place, where it can matter, and opportunities that could be lost if not for just a little bit of thought to showing your brand consistently in various ways: www.igina. net/3-branding-ted-talks-stand-out. BRAND APPLICATION Branding can be applied to a range of products visually to support and commu- nicate your message. If you have a brick- and-mortar store, some different ways to build your brand include exterior and inte- rior signage as well as the shirts or name badges that employees wear. If you have a dye-sublimation business, you can press these yourself in addition to a license plate for your car. The bags that customers leave with are walking billboards; any gift wrapping you offer can also be branded — these can be done in an aesthetically pleasing way and at a lower cost with a stamp on the bag or a sticker instead of spending money on branded ribbon. Whether you have a brick- and-mortar store or not, if you ship boxes, apply the sticker or stamp to them, or order branded boxes. Brand your receipts and invoices as well as this is outbound commu- nication that cements your brand in little ways. This gives a professional appearance and consistently represents your business, which speaks volumes to people. Now, with a company name, start brain- storming a tagline. Do you need one? If so, then write a short, concise, and meaningful statement that captures your brand. Write out single words associated with your brand (from the questions you've answered) and go from there to put the right words together. In the next piece in this series on branding, we'll talk more about the visual and emotional side of branding including logos, software, online templates, and tools. A&E

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