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August '18

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50 • A&E AUGUST 2018 is genuine and not forced; they all seem like they want to be working there. That is their focus and message in advertising. This is in contrast to the cheaper market where things are disorganized, and the staff looks miserable. The middle ground market also contrasts the high- end market, where the staff doesn't seem to even notice you are there, and good luck trying to find something a 7-year- old is going to eat and enjoy. There is no balance. The middle-of-the-road store understands its customers and the working-class community it serves. Yes, for the most part, an egg is an egg is an egg, but how we feel when buying that egg is important. A MENTALITY SHIFT How do we take this information and use it to improve our awards business? A mentality shift must occur. You have to rethink your policies, your outward message, how your staff interacts with your customers, and put yourself in your customers' shoes. How do all of those fac- tors look and feel from your customers' vantage point? A great way to go about this is to spend some time talking to some of your best customers. Ask them either through direct conversations or surveys why they buy from you. My guess is they will not reference the type of printer you use, how powerful your laser is, or the really nice price grid you pass out. Hopefully what they say are things like,

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