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52 • A&E AUGUST 2018 In my last article (July 2018, page 38), I wrote about the Symmetry tool, the Block Shadow tool, the Impact tool, and the Poin- tillizer docker. These are all new features included in the recent launch of Corel- DRAW2018. The Symmetry tool makes quick work of both the construction and editing of any symmetrical shape — draw half the shape, the other half appears automati- cally; change the original and the mirrored shape changes as well. Its many features and options make it possible to construct elabo- rate mandalas and the like, as well. The Block Shadow tool is similar to the Drop Shadow tool, but the shadow cast is more solid and three-dimensional. Using the Impact tool, elaborate star bursts and parallel line shading can be constructed and adjusted in a multitude of ways to be used as a graphic effect to create impact and emphasis in a design. The Pointillizer docker also makes it possible to create graphic effects by reworking a bitmap image so that it is made up of a pattern of dots or shapes of solid color. The image remains intact but with a more graphic appearance. My previous article describes these tools in greater detail, but here, let's look at what else is new in CorelDRAW2018… ALIGN/DISTRIBUTE NODES Aligning objects is a staple of designing in CorelDRAW. Distributing objects is probably a less-used feature for most of us until we need it and then it is a useful tool to have at hand. Now both of these features can be applied to selected nodes. Individual nodes can be selected within a vector object and either aligned, distrib- uted, or both. CORELDRAW FROM A TO E by Jim Sadler T his column is being written to demonstrate practical uses of CorelDRAW for those working within the awards and engraving industry. For those new to Corel, I suggest concentrating on the basics from books, media, seminars or tutoring, with the aim of becoming productive as soon as possible. Earn while you learn. And the most effective way to learn is by repeated use, gaining proficiency and then moving forward adding new skills. These articles try to focus on skills relevant to our readers' needs. Procedure descriptions are somewhat generic due to wide variation in Corel versions. Consult your version documentation as needed. Jim Sadler is a former university professor of computer graphics and a freelance designer. He is currently offering his services as a consultant within the industry. He brings together his expertise in design, computer graphics and industry-related technologies with his ability to com- municate through teaching, technical assistance and, of course, through writing for A&E magazine. Jim can be reached by e-mail at His web address is Preview: New from Corel, Too! fig 0 ALL IMAGES COURTESY JIM SADLER

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