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August '18

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A&E AUGUST 2018 • 67 With both the dry- and wet-process pho- toresist stencil material, you can carve on flat and curved substrates. Brittle materials such as glass, crystal, stone, ceramic, marble, granite, and wood are perfect substrates for deep sand- carved designs. Metal, plastic, acrylic, and any other less brittle materials are ideal for surface etching rather than a deep carve. A VERSATILE PRODUCT In conclusion, from the finest of details etched in glass, to deep carvings into stone monuments, photosensitive films are ver- satile, easy-to-use materials that can create high-end designs in all types of markets and substrates. Together, the innovations in photoresist films and sandcarving cabinets have modernized the art of sandcarving and have brought it to the forefront of many new markets where potential and applica- tions will only continue to grow. Sandcarving offers entrance into numerous markets including gifts, collectibles, memorial items, promotional products, and signage. A&E

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