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August '18

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70 • A&E AUGUST 2018 • Conflict. This is not necessarily the bad word that it implies. Productive conflict within a company is not only a given, it is essential in order to promote growth. When teams have a foundation of trust, conflict simply becomes a joint effort to find a solution to an issue in the shortest period of time. As long as conflict or friction does not lead to a boxing match between team members, it should be embraced. In this spirit, a lot of good can come from it. • Commitment. Lack of commitment is dangerous for any team. Without the weigh-in of multiple team members, it is difficult to get a commitment toward achieving a final decision on anything. Without proper commitment, there is no system of accountability. This has to come from the top. In our manager's meetings, we make it clear that we look to them for commitment, and expect that they do the same with those who report to them. Commitment requires clarity and buy-in. Assumptions and ambiguity do not have a place here. There must be total clarity and under- standing. All discussions need to end with a clear understanding of whatever has been decided. It is also important that buy-in does not require a total con- sensus. Members of great teams need to learn to disagree with one another and still embrace a decision. • Accountability. Team members must hold one another accountable for what goes on within their organization. Peer- to-peer accountability is incredibly pow- erful. Avoiding accountability leads to a dysfunctional company. Leaders usually have the most difficult time holding their employees accountable, which is why this needs to be constantly stressed. By doing so, it trickles down to the rest of

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