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August '18

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A&E THE GUIDE 2018 • 85 • What's next. What technology advancement is coming soon, and can you get ahead of the curve? • Fix something that bugs you. If your business can fix a problem for your customers, they'll thank you for it. • Apply your skills to an entirely new field. Many businesses and industries do things one way because that's the way they've always been done. In those cases, a fresh set of eyes from a new perspective can make all the difference. • Use the better, cheaper, faster approach. Do you have a business idea that isn't completely new? If so, think about the current offerings and focus on how you can create some- thing better, cheaper, or faster. Do the necessary market research, solicit feedback, and brace yourself for how brutal and discouraging the data may be. This is no time to be thin-skinned. Remember, no matter how great a new idea is, if no one is motivated to buy it at the price you have to sell it for to make a profit, you don't have a business. GET DOWN TO BUSINESS At the least, every business should have a plan. A good business plan consists of a strategic, tactical, and financial overview. It should answer the following questions: • What are you planning to do? (Goals) • Why are you doing it? (Motivation) • How are you going to accomplish this? (Methodology, including a detailed marketing plan) • How much money do you need? (Means) • Where will the money come from? (Resources) A business plan should help you recog- nize the risks and challenges as well as the opportunities and strengths of the concept behind your business. While there is no set format for a business plan, it is imperative that every business have a sound, thought- out, goal-oriented plan — then refers to, is guided by, and executes that plan on a daily basis. COME UP WITH THE MONEY Unless you plan to use your own money — that is, lottery winnings, unexpected inheritance, or lump-sum retirement — • (800)99.MUTOH Get Up Close & Personal Mutoh's ValueJet 426UF and ValueJet 626UF make it easy to customize your world with promotional items, personalized gifts, awards and accessories. They're the perfect printers for any print shop looking to expand its applications and enter into the world of UV printing. VERSATILE Print on items up to a half inch thick on the VJ426UF and 5.9 inches thick on the VJ626UF. A rotary attachment is optional for cylindrical items on the VJ626UF. INK Use CMYK plus white and varnish ink for texture. SMART Includes Intelligent Interweave print technique that eliminates banding. banding. AFFORDABLE VJ426UF - $19,995 MSRP VJ626UF - $27,995 MSRP

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