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A&E THE GUIDE 2018 • 93 Sublimation fashion statement one year while the band is on tour. Due to that success, the operator orders a thousand more in preparation for the next show. The operator orders the shirts, Axel Rose makes headlines for bad press, and fans no longer want to support him. In this scenario, what the buying public is a fan of may change, right along with your customers. Now, that operator is sitting on inventory. Because sublimation and heat transfer are on-time, on-demand printing, we can roll with the punches. In the state fair or at the show, we can take a sublimation system or heat transfer system and print as the orders come in. This does a few things: it enables customization, which people love and pay more for, and it also means we have nothing tied up in inventory, which takes a lot of the risk out of the equation. PASSION FOR PRINTING What are you a fan of? The other crucial question is what is your customer base a fan of? Both answers are important. Years back, I sold both a heat transfer and sublimation system to a company in Texas and went out to do an installation and training. That weekend, we went to a volleyball tour- nament and took a desktop sublimation system and a heat transfer printer as well. Over the next two days, teams would win and teams would lose, but a few things became apparent. First, the losing teams had a bunch of time to kill, and those kids were cre- ative, and second, the winning teams had

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