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Commercial Module: Patients | Accessing Commercial Patient Lists June 2018 Quality Measures 18.3 6-2 User Guide v1.4 Accessing Commercial Patient Lists The Patients Grid View page in Quality Measures contains a list of patients enrolled in your plan's measures, which you can then filter by plan, provider, measure, and status. You can also export the list to save it to your computer or share it with others. There are a few ways to access this list of patients. They are as follows: From any page, click the Patients tab on the left navigation menu. Click through from the Summary page or Measures page: From the Summary page, you can click the numbers in the Roster Management section to view those patients. (These lists can then be exported as Excel files. For more information on exporting, see "Exporting" on page 1- 7.) From the Measures page, click the underlined blue links in the Performance Met, Performance Not Met, and Denominator columns to be taken to the lists of those patients.

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