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Medicaid Module: Summary | Elements of the Medicaid Summary Page June 2018 Quality Measures 18.3 7-4 User Guide v1.4 Filters You can filter the results that display on the Summary page by selecting from the Plans and Providers drop-down lists. By default, All Plans and All Providers are displayed. Note: At the NPI user level, the Provider filter will not be displayed. To filter by plan Click All Plans, and then select the desired plan from the drop-down list. To filter by provider Click All Providers, and then select the provider whose information you wish to view from the drop-down list. The data on the page refreshes to show data within the parameters of the filter(s). Accessing Patients With Care Gaps Not Met You can use the Summary page to jump to a list of patients with care gap needs. To view the patients for whom a care gap has not been met, click the blue underlined number next to the measure under the Patients Not Met column header.

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