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Quality Measures 18.3 June 2018 User Guide v1.4 9-5 Medicare MIPS Module: Summary | Elements of the Medicare Summary Page Using a Measures Card Click on any of the six recommended measures to view more information for that measure. The below example is for a MIPS measure where criteria were not met. Although it has a performance rate of 100%, the minimum patients requirement was not met, and therefore the measure received only three points. This measures card includes the following information: Quality ID: The Quality ID number as assigned by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Measure Name and Description: The name and description of the measure. Performance Rate: As a percentage. Performance Rate = Performance Met / (Performance Met + Performance Not Met). Reporting Rate: As a percentage. Reporting Rate = (Performance Met + Performance Not Met + Denominator Exception) / Eligible Denominator. Reporting rates must exceed 50% to avoid noncompliance. MIPS Measure Criteria Table:

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