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Quality Measures 18.3 June 2018 User Guide v1.4 10-5 Medicare MIPS Module: Measures | Measures Page: Grid View Measures Page: Grid View The Measures page in Grid View displays the measures in a grid format, or table. You can also view data in a graphical format, with Rich View. For more information on switching between Rich View and Grid View, see "Rich View and Grid View" on page 1-8. The columns in the Measures grid are described in the table below. Click any column header to sort by that column. You can also hover over and drag the tops of column dividers to resize columns. For information on filtering measures, see "Filtering Measures Data" on page 10-7. TABLE 10-1. Measures Grid Column Description Measure Name The name of the measure. Status A red triangle indicates the measure has not met the performance threshold. An orange circle indicates Outcome (Type), a green exclamation point indicates a high priority measure, and a blue cycling symbol indicates an inverse measure where a lower performance rate is desirable.

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