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Quality Measures 18.3 June 2018 User Guide v1.4 1-3 Quality Measures 18.3 Basics | Signing In to Quality Measures Signing In to Quality Measures Signing in to Quality Measures 18.3 requires authorization from your system administrator. When you receive an email with your login information, follow these steps. To sign in to Quality Measures for the first time Signing in for the first time requires completion of a few more steps than you will need to follow in subsequent sessions. 1. You will be sent an activation email with a registration link. Click this link to begin the sign-in process. 2. On the Set Password page, create a password consisting of at least 8 characters, including at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 numeric, and 1 special character. The underscore character (_) is not allowed as a special character. Enter the password a second time to confirm, and then click Submit. 3. On the Select Security Questions page, select and answer four security questions. It is suggested that you have different answers for all four questions, but you may have the same answer for all. Be sure to remember your answers. Click Submit. 4. On the Sign In page, enter your username (which was provided in your activation email) and your newly created password. Click Sign In. 5. After this initial sign-in, you will see a Terms of Use window with two sections, Terms of Use and HIPAA Use. You must agree to both by clicking Yes for each, and then clicking Accept, to proceed to the application. 6. On the landing page, click the SPH Nexus panel.

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