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Medicare MIPS Module: Measures | Drilling Down to Patient Information June 2018 Quality Measures 18.3 10-10 User Guide v1.4 Using the Patient Pop-Up List The Patient Pop-Up List provides various filter options you can use to narrow down the number of patients whose information you wish to view, if needed. You can use the information in this list to address measures in need of attention on a patient's next visit. You can also export the patient list as an Excel file by clicking Export to Excel in the top left corner. Filtering the Patient Pop-Up List At the top of the Patient Pop-Up List, the header row displays filter options for each column by default. Each column features a text box for direct entry of criteria, and a filter icon which displays a drop-down menu of options when clicked. The DOB column includes a calendar pop-up allowing you to select a date, and Care Gaps Not Met, Care Gaps Met, and Age include up and down arrows to define parameters. Press Enter after selecting or entering a filter parameter. Click the X to clear the filter. To hide all filter options, click the toggle button at the top right of the window to turn the option from On to Off. To display them again, click On.

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