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Customer Profile  Case Study: TM Forum | 1 Executive summary Results with Intacct: • Easy financial consolidations across multiple currencies • Real-time visibility into multi-entity and global organization KPIs Managing the financials of a sprawling global organization TM Forum is a global industry association for digital business. With subsidiaries and satellite offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Greece, Malaysia, and China, TM Forum needed to fuse the financial operations of its sprawling organization. The 15-year-old trade group sought a cloud-based solution to simplify IT requirements and reduce the capital expenditure associated with packaged software and in-house systems. Functionality, however, could not be sacrificed. TM Forum needed a solution that could handle multiple currencies and custom reports, and allow remote staff from around the world to easily collaborate. And with a growing presence around the globe, scalability and business process automation also became key requirements. Gaining the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud To manage the financials of its global organization, TM Forum selected Intacct's cloud-based financial management applications — the solution with the most comprehensive multi-entity and multi-currency support. Through Intacct, TM Forum can manage the financial operations of all its subsidiaries. Business managers can do side-by-side comparisons and top-to-bottom reviews to gauge the organization's financial health. Reports, tailored to any specifications, are immediately available to view online by authorized personnel. Recurring transactions are also automated. Working with telecom and technology leaders, such as AT&T, BT, Lucent and Cisco, we are expected to adopt the most effective business solutions available today. With Intacct's on-demand solution, TM Forum can effectively use the Web to manage a distributed global organization and multiple currencies. –Jim Metzger, CFO,  TM Forum

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