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Talent Development: offer content that fosters engagement We have entered the era of the Skills Economy. We don't know how the future will look like, but we've learnt that the digital economy will continue to impact every industry. Therefore, we need to relearn how to learn. Start the virtuous circle of self-learning employees becoming more motivated, speed up time to competency and impact the business! Foster a culture of curiosity What will be the competencies that your company will need? If you want to engage your employees and increase retention, you'll need to enable them to access as much interesting content as possible that will help transform your company into a learning organisation. Optimise content management L&D managers across the world struggle with managing training content. They have to ensure it remains up to date and engaging, but also need to keep an eye on costs and licenses.Creating content is a challenge at a time when mobile video learning is becoming a de facto standard. You need the best on-the-shelf content providers to develop your employees' skills with a business model that allows for clear cost control. Increase retention, engagement and motivation Cornerstone and IDC have analysed that employees within high growth organisations in Europe were collaborating more and were better at fostering a culture of knowledge sharing. Find and involve your own internal experts. Recognising their skills will have a huge impact on their engagement, and will motivate their co-workers to look at what their colleagues are saying. Cornerstone Content for Learning

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