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Spreading the Word about Safety As safety remains a priority for the SCORE World Desert Championship series, we are able to continue this information process to SCORE participants, crews and race attendees with our annual Stand 21 Safety Foundation seminar. This issue showcases the foundation’s ability to bring many of the top experts in their fields to share their valuable knowledge and insight into critical safety areas. Their experience covers NASCAR, Indy series, drag racing, plus the actual product safety ranking procedures from the SFI and Snell foundations. Wheather you are a racer or off-road adventurer, the common ground in these activities is the inevitable event of getting stuck. To help in the planning of equipment to address this situation when it DOES happen, the SCORE Journal has looked around the industry to see what is the latest and proven tools are that will help keep this exercise, and the time and effort to a minimum with a successful outcome, to stay in the race or just make it home from your off-roading trip. The major truck manufacturers continue to develop vehicles to tackle the needs of off-roading with quality upgrades that were unheard of in past years. The latest product offering from industry performance legend, Saleen Automotive, is now released and offers another level of their off-road models that are targeted for the SCORE’s off-road enthusiasts. Check out the Saleen Sportruck XR off-road capable entry in their feature overview. SCORE has a busy few months ahead that will involve two races and three major industry shows. These involve the upcoming Lucerna Hotels & Resorts Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge, the SCORE Baja 1000 in November, the Off-Road Expo, SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience and Qualifier, and the Performance Industry Trade show that closes out the year in December. We hope you can stop by and see what is new with SCORE and to share any thoughts you might have on the series, racing, safety, new products or to just say hi. Enjoy the Issue! Jim

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