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SCORE Recovery Gear Guide Getting Unstuck From Sand, Rocks And More Has Never Been Easier By Mike Vieria Some of the fastest Baja racing vehicles can travel at speeds well over 100 miles per hour. But that all slows down when they encounter deep silt, extremely rocky terrain, or if they get stuck in a ditch. Most off-road race vehicles carry some kind of vehicle recovery system on-board, but the heavy-duty stuff is usually carried by chase teams. For the off-road fan, some of these lightweight and heavy-duty products are good insurance to carry along with you during your excursions. We’ve gathered some of the most popular products are a safe bet to getting unstuck, while others can provide additional safety while getting pulled out of a difficult situation. WARN AXON 55-S POWERSPORT WINCH Warn’s Axon 55-S Winch is designed for the biggest UTVs and the heaviest pulls with a 5,500-pound capacity. It uses Warn’s Motactor which combines the motor and contactor for easy installation and improved performance, and an all-metal three-stage planetary gear train. Includes with 50 feet of lightweight ¼-inch Spydura synthetic rope, load-holding brake, Epic hawse fairlead, and a black hook. The unit is IP68 waterproof and has all metal construction with a satin black powder-coat finish and stainless steel fasteners. Features digital control with load and temperature information and digital wired remote. MSRP is $849.99. WARN VRX 45-S POWERSPORT WINCH The VRX 45-S has a 4,500-pound capacity and includes 50 feet of ¼-inch synthetic rope, haws fairlead, and a zinc-plated hook. It features a three-stage, all-metal planetary gear train, load-holding brake, all metal construction, and complete waterproof sealing. It has a semi-gloss black powder-coated finish with stainless steel fasteners. Includes dash-mounted rocker control and corded remote. MSRP is $499.99. ZEON 12-S PLATINUM WINCH The ZEON 12-S Platinum Winch is billed as the worlds’ most technologically advanced winch with its Advanced Wireless Remote that puts winch, clutch, and accessory control in the palm of your hand, along information on battery charge and motor temperature. Newly designed motor and gears deliver 20% faster line speed and Warn’s highest durability rating. It has a 12,000-pound capacity and comes with 80 feet of 3/8-inch Sydura Pro synthetic line. It is IP68 waterproofed and is salt-spray tested for corrosion resistance. Aluminum structure has a flat black powder-coat finish and stainless steel fasteners. MSRP is $2,349.99. WARN VR10-S WINCH The new VR10-S Winch offers enhanced styling and upgraded performance with its 10,000-pound capacity and one-piece tie plate. It uses a waterproof Albright Contactor Control for increased reliability and a Convertible Control Pack allows for upright or low-profile mounting. Comes with 90 feet of 3/8-inch synthetic rope, load-holding cone brake, and cast iron Hawse fairlead. MSRP is $769.99. 9.0Rc WINCH The 9.0Rc Winch is specifically designed to meet the needs of rock crawlers. With a light weight of 54 pounds, and a low profile, it provides efficiency and reliability. It uses a 4.8 horsepower motor to deliver 9,000 pounds of pulling power and a fast line speed. Includes 50 feet of 3/8-inch synthetic rope with a ballistic nylon sleeve to protect against abrasion, an aluminum Hawse fairlead, and an exclusive multi-segment cam actuated brake for improved control. Finished in gloss red with a primer undercoat. MSRP is $2,060.99. MEDIUM DUTY EPIC RECOVERY KIT Warn’s Medium Duty Epic Recovery Kit includes 2 forged ¾-inch shackles for 18,000 pounds and under, a 2-inch by 8-foot Tree Trunk Protector with forged end loops rated for 14,400 pounds, a Snatch Block rated for 12,000 pounds, a 2-inch by 30-foot Premium Recovery Strap rated for 14,400 pounds, and Winching Gloves with Kevlar reinforcement. Metal parts are E-coat and powder coat finished for abrasion and corrosion resistance. All components store inside a backpack that can also act as a winch line damper. MSRP is $469.99. ARB TRED PRO ARB’s TRED Pro is an all-in-one recovery device designed and built in Australia to free vehicles stuck in sand, mud, or snow. Constructed of a special composite to provide superior flexibility as well as durability. Grip design is specially engineered to optimize traction with the world’s most popular off-road tires, and ergonomically designed handles provide control when used as a shovel. Low profile design for easy storage and use. MSRP $280.00. ARB SOFT CONNECT SHACKLE The Soft Connect Shackle provides greater safety than a steel shackle and has a 32,000-pound breaking strength. Flexible construction allows it to connect easily to most recovery points and the certified high-tensile material floats, and is UV and water resistant. Priced at $57.00, including storage bag. HYDRAULIC RECOVERY JACK The ARB JACK is a hydraulic jack designed for off-road recovery needs. JACK is safer than traditional farm jacks and lifts vehicles smoothly in .5-inch increments, while having a two-stage descent feature with a safety stop. Made of 6061 T6 aluminum, it has 360-degree adjustability to match the pivoting foot to rough terrain and weighs just 28 pounds. Nine locating points offer a variety of lifting heights to meet the specific situation for lifting over 4,400 pounds. Includes rubber body bumper to protect vehicle from damage while in use. MSRP is $812.00. SNATCH STRAP ARB’s 17,600-pound Snatch Strap is the one they recommend for most 4-wheel-drive vehicles. Manufactured from 100% nylon webbing and measuring 30-feet by 2-3/8-inches, the strap gives 20% genuine stretch for increased recovery power. Designed with a folded, reinforced eye for easier fitment to shackles, as well as eye and seam protector sleeves. Priced at $63.00. SMITTYBILT X20 GEN2 WINCH Smittybilt’s X20 Gen2 Winch features a 6.6 horsepower motor, 3-stage planetary gear system, dynamic braking, and wireless remote control. It uses steel cable with a 4-way roller fairlead, and carries an IP68 waterproof rating. Finish is textured black and unit weighs 99 pounds. Capacities range from 10,000-pounds to 17,500-pounds. MSRP for 10,000lb model is $429.99. SMITTYBILT POWER RECOIL SHACKLE ROPE The Power Recoil Shackle Rope is durable and lightweight, fits in places that a standard hook and shackle won’t, and prevents scratches to your vehicle. With a breaking strength of 34,000 pounds, it’s stronger than a standard ¾-inch shackle, and it floats. MSRP is $25.99. RECOIL KINETIC ROPE Smittybilt’s Recoil Kinetic Rope is made of heavy duty, flexible Nylon 66 material, with 12 woven strands for better elasticity and strength. The 30-foot rope stretches 30%, is mildew and UV resistant, and also has outstanding abrasion and cut resistance. MSRP is $175.99 including storage bag. ALUMINUM WINCH SHACKLE Aluminum Winch Shackles (AWS) provide a safer, stronger towing point than standard winch hooks. Shackles are precision machined from lightweight billet 6061 T-6 aluminum, and have a durable, long-lasting finish. They fit synthetic or wire cables up to ½-inch diameter, work with roller or aluminum fairleads, and are easy to install and remove. Maximum load rating is 17,000 pounds. MSRP is $72.99. SMITTYBILT PREMIUM WINCH ACCESSORY BAG The Premium Winch Accessory Bag from Smittybilt includes everything you need to get yourself out of trouble quicker and easier. It contains a 4-inch by 8-foot premium tree truck protector with a 40,000 pound capacity, a snatch strap rated at 17,000 pounds, a 3-inch by 30-foot recovery strap, a shackle kit, choker chain, and work gloves. The heavy duty bag with strap retails for $133.99. QUICK RELEASE D-RING Quick Release D-Rings have a 4.75-ton rating, and use ¾-inch shackles and ¾-inch quick-release locking pins. They feature corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty forged steel construction and are easily installed with no drilling. Available in gloss black or zinc finish. Priced at $14.99 each. FACTOR 55 FLAT SPLICER Factor 55’s Flat Splicer is the world’s first folding winch rope shackle mount thimble. It can be folded flat against fairleads, minimizing frontal protrusion. Just 1.75-inches thick, the Flat Splicer can accommodate the pin and bow sections of common ¾-inch shackles, as well as the pin ends of larger 7/8-inch shackles. The innovative design allows the elimination of all exposed winch rope, providing full protection from damaging UV rays and abrasion. Priced at $99.95. FACTOR 55 FLATLINK XTV The FlatLink XTV from Factor 55 is a foldable shackle/D-ring mount for UTV and ATV winch lines. It helps prevent cutting and fraying of recovery straps during winch use. It’s compatible with steel cables or synthetic ropes up to 5/16-inch, and does not require splicing. The FlatLink XTV stows neatly against Roller or Hawse fairleads and has a maximum load rating of 8,000 pounds. Constructed of billet aluminum and titanium, and available in five different colors. Additionally, the Flatlink XTV lineup includes Rope Guards and Hawse Fairleads to further protect winch lines. The foldable shackle retails for $124.95, rope guards for $34.95, and fairleads for $34.95. FLATLINK MULTIMOUNT The FlatLink MultiMount is designed for difficult, off-camber vehicle recovery situations where two different winch pull directions might be necessary. The MultiMount offers two additional shackle pin mounting holes to provide more versatility to meet a variety of pulling needs. Shackles are free to rotate and align to the load directions to avoid overstressing. Folds flat against the fairlead when not in use. Priced at $199.95. FACTOR 55 HITCHLINK 3.0 The Hitchlink 3.0 is a hitch receiver shackle mount designed for Class V 3-inch receivers. It accepts both ¾ and 7/8 shackles and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Eliminates the need to downsize your receiver with a smaller adapter. Rated at 18,000 pounds. MSRP is $139.95. FLATLINK ROPE GUARD and ULTRAHOOK ROPE GUARD The FlatLink Rope Guard for trucks and UltraHook Rope Guard for UTVs protect synthetic winch ropes from damaging UV light, as well as impact and abrasion damage. Both guards allow the rope guard to be used as a skid surface when climbing tall, vertical obstacles as the rope surfaces are kept completely behind the guard and fairlead. Made of billet aluminum with clear anodized surface for corrosion protection. Flatlink Rope Guard is priced at $39.95, and Ultrahook Guard at $34.95. ULTRAHOOK Factor 55’s UltraHook is billed as the world’s safest winch hook. It features an industry-first Closed System Shackle Mount hole machined into the body of the hook, an integrated secondary safety latch with a locking pin in the hook’s body which can be inserted in the hook tip to lock it in place. Includes rubber pads for fairlead protection and a titanium double shear pin. MSRP of $249.95. DITCH HITCH DITCH HITCH The Ditch Hitch is engineered to be the safest complete vehicle recovery system on the market. It eliminates the use of metal objects such as chains and trailer balls, meant for towing rather than recovery. The Ditch Hitch System includes two Ditch Hitches intended for shock loading, one for the stuck vehicle, and one for the recovery vehicle, a Fuse Link Recovery Strap, designed to be the weakest link in the system to avoid dislodging metal components that could cause damage or injury, a Carry Bag, and a Checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked when beginning a recovery operation. The nylon Fuse Link Strap is 2-inches by 25-feet and is rated for 16,000 to 19,000 pounds. The Ditch Hitch units weigh just 7.5 pounds each, slip into 2-inch receivers, and swivel with the pull to handle straight or side-pulling safely. MSRP for complete system is $425.00. DITCH HITCH SNAP TRAP The Snap Trap is a kinetic energy diffuser designed to capture a failed vehicle recovery strap, rope, or winch line that could cause injury or damage. It attaches over the pulling line and prevents it from becoming a dangerous projectile if it snaps. Priced at $129.00 including carry bag or container. SON OF A HITCH The Son Of A Hitch is a Ditch Hitch system designed for the safe recovery of UTVs, ATVs, and smaller SUVs using 1¼-inch receivers. System includes two hitch units weighing just 2.5-pounds each, a 25-foot by 1-inch Fuse Link Recovery Strap rated for 8,000 pounds, and a Carry Bag. MSRP is $236.00. MAXTRAX MAXTRAX The MAXTRAX is an innovative, lightweight vehicle recovery and extraction board for sand, mud, and snow that’s designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia. It’s been tested and proven in some of the world’s toughest off-road events and is a “Recommended Product” of the International 4WD Trainers Association. With six handles, it’s easily used by one person, has sloping ends to be smoothly inserted under tires, and can even function as a shovel to clear debris away from your vehicle. Available in 14 colors and with various mounting options, the MAXTRAX has an MSRP of $299.99 PRO EAGLE 2 TON BIG WHEEL OFF-ROAD JACK Pro Eagle’s 2 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack uses strong solid axles and large non-pneumatic wheels to give it the strength and capability to easily roll over sand, pebbles, and other obstacles. It features a full-length steel skid plate to prevent sinking on sand and damage to internal components. It has an 8-inch adjustable extension or optional 15-inch extension to lift high vehicles, and sealed ball bearings for smooth rolling and operation in dusty and sandy conditions. Jack has 2-feet 2-inches of overall lift height and weighs 52 pounds. Priced at $409.99. PRO EAGLE 3 TON BIG WHEEL OFF-ROAD JACK The 3 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack has similar features to the 2 Ton Jack above, but with higher capacity and lift height, and all aluminum construction. Has 2-feet 4-inches of overall lift and weighs 60 pounds. Priced at $459.99. 2 TON STANDARD OFF-ROAD JACK Pro Eagle’s 2 Ton Off-Road Jack has a built-in sand plate to give flotation on sand, mud, and loose gravel while not interfering with the wheels on solid ground. It includes an adjustable extension which adjusts from 4 to 8-inches for added lift height, and locks into a cradle when not in use. Weighs just 46 pounds and priced at $349.99. SPEEDSTRAP SUPERSTRAP The SuperStrap is a 1-inch weavable recovery strap for UTVs, Jeeps, boats, buggies, and other medium weight vehicles. Rated with a 10,000-pound working strength, the Superstrap is available in 5 lengths from 15 to 50 feet. Pricing ranges from $36.99 to $102.99, depending on length. SPEEDSTRAP BIG DADDY RECOVERY STRAP The Big Daddy Weavable Recovery Strap is SpeedStraps’s heavy duty model with a rating for 20,000 pounds working strength. For Jeeps, trucks, and RV’s, the 2-inch wide Big Daddy comes in 20, 25, 30, and 50-foot lengths, and uses the same easy wrap, loop, and pull method of recovery as the other SpeedStraps. Pricing ranges from $104.99 to $239.99. POCKIT TOW STRAP SpeedStrap’s lightweight and easy-to-store Pockit Tow Recovery Strap is ½-inch wide and designed for motorcyles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and UTVs. It’s rated for 3,500 pounds and comes in 15, 20, 25, 30, and 50 foot lengths. Like other SpeedStrap products, the Pockit Tow is made of nylon webbing, has no metal shackles, and is meant to be weaved into a loop at each end for easy attachment. Pricing ranges from $26.99 to $69.99, depending on length. HI-LIFT LIFT-MATE The Hi-Lift Lift-Mate is designed to make lifting vehicles with large tires and/or lift kits easier by allowing the wheel to be lifted directly by a Hi-Lift Jack. It greatly reduces the amount of travel needed to raise the wheel to an adequate height, and includes rubber-coated hooks to protect the wheel and a rubber pad for avoiding damage to the tire and wheel. Also great for vehicles with plastic bumpers. The 5,000-pound capacity Lift-Mate has a $45.00 MSRP. X-TREME JACK The Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack is a serious “top of the line” jack for lifting, winching, clamping and spreading. It features all-cast construction and comes in 48-inch or 60-inch sizes with a 7,000-pound capacity. The X-TREME has a charcoal metallic powder coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware to provide rust-resistance, and a special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment to replace the clamp-clevis of the standard Hi-Lift Jack. Priced at $122 to $127. HI-LIFT OFF-ROAD BASE Hi-Lift’s Off-Road Base helps keep your jack from sinking on soft ground. Provides a larger support surface area for any Hi-Lift jack, and is convenient to use and easy to store. Made of heavy duty plastic to avoid rotting or breakage, and won’t slip or splinter like a plywood base. Priced at $57.00. OFF-ROAD KIT Hi-Lift’s Off-Road Kit provides a number of items to make your Hi-Lift Jack more versatile by allowing simpler, more efficient winching. Among the items included are various brackets, shackles, and other hardware, a nylon tree strap, gloves, and a gear bag to stow it all within easy reach. Priced at $96.00 REFLECTIVE LOOP RECOVERY STRAPS Hi-Lift Reflective Loop Recovery Straps are designed for winching and recovery with Hi-Lift Jacks. Made of polyester materials for a controlled pull with a reduced danger of recoil. The reflective loops glow and shine in minimal light to improve visibility of connecting points during nighttime recoveries. Available in 3-inch by 30-feet with a 30,000-pound capacity, 2-inch by 30-feet with a 20,000-pound capacity, or 3-inch by 15-feet Tree Saver model with a 30,000-pound capacity. Priced from $24.00 to $47.00. HANDLE-ALL The Hi-Lift Handle-All is a multi-function tool with a telescoping handle and 4 full-sized implements. It’s compact, but with full-size utility and ruggedness. The full-sized tools include a pointed shovel head, axe head, and pick-axe head, as well as an 8-pound sledge hammer. Includes a storage bag and retails for $182.00.

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