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Page 0 of 3 5800 Explorer Drive, 5th Floor, Mississauga, ON Canada L4W 5K9 | Tel: (905) 267 5400 | Fax: (905) 238 8408 1 Incognito puts its trust in the Volaris Group CASE STUDY "We were eager to grow our business further but needed more investment and resources to do this effectively" —Stephane Bourque, Founder & CEO of Incognito Software Inc. Background Incognito Software Incorporated is an Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions business. Its products are sold to communication service providers in the cable and telecommunications markets, enabling them to deploy data, voice, and video services across various platforms. When considering the sale of his company, Founder and CEO Stephane Bourque's biggest concern was preserving the business that he and his staff have spent the past 23 years building. So when deciding to whom to sell, one thing was abundantly clear: he had to find a company he could trust to keep his business growing. In the case of Incognito, there was no urgency to sell as the core business was in sound financial shape and had a solid customer base. However, while Bourque was not actively shopping the business to potential buyers, he maintained an open mind about the possibility of selling. For Bourque, the decision to sell would be predicated on two factors: finding "the right buyer", and being assured that the company he founded would remain intact and grow for years to come. Deciding to Sell For many vertical market software companies, acquirers tend to buy businesses with the intention to leverage the organization's intellectual properties while dismantling the rest of the business. Even where potential purchasers opt to leave the business whole, the expectation may be to generate cash quickly or to overburden the business with debt, with little concern for long-term sustainability. Therefore, it is often difficult for owners to find a buyer with a buy-and-hold mindset.

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