6 Ways Preserve Your Legacy

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Create a Meaningful Brand A brand is much more than a product or logo – create & maintain a brand that will speak for itself after acquisition. Protect Your Investment Make sure that your stake in the business is well protected so that when it comes time to sell, you're rewarded accordingly. Cultivate a Leadership Strategy Operational execution takes place at the mid-level. When those individuals are trained properly and well-aligned, the business will thrive. Choose the Right Type of Acquirer Some acquirers will care more than others about your business. Make sure the type of acquirer you choose shares your long-term goals. Invest in Your Team Build an inspired team that will maintain your vision after your exit. Build an Impactful Product Build a product or solution that addresses your customers' pain points & adds value to their day-to-day operations. to Preserve Your Legacy When Selling Your Company 6 Ways

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